Montreal June 2017 Events and Attractions

Montreal's Best June 2017 Events and Things to Do

Not sure why Montreal is called a city of festivals? June should clear things up. It's only the month with the most jam-packed event agenda in the city, rivaling but July in attractions, festivals, and free events.

Whether you're a local, a first-time visitor, or a seasoned traveler in these parts, there is something somewhere that's happening in this town that you haven't tried before.

June Weather

Your first June in Montreal? A popular time of year for visitors, June in the city is beautiful, glorious even, if only a little too humid by the last week of the month for some. Much like in New Orleans, 86º F (30º C) in Montreal can feel more like 104º F (40º C) with the heat index.

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Festivals and Attractions

Montreal June 2016 events include the city's best festivals, concerts, museum exhibits and more.
Tony Tremblay / Getty Images

It is festival time all year-round in Montreal, but in June it's an onslaught. The Fringe Fest sets the tone at the beginning of the month, the return of the International Jazz Festival heats things up at its tail end, more than 500 beers, ciders and assorted booze on tap squeeze their way into the middle of June, sidewalk sales take over city streets most weekends, Canada Grand Prix weekend is nothing short of cray cray...and we're just getting started here.

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65 Free Things to Do in Montreal

Montreal June 2017 events, from the city's best festivals to the month's most coveted concerts, are covered in this guide.
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June is out of control in Montreal. Out of control with freebies. There's something to do every single day.

Free dance classes, free concerts, free museums, free karaoke, and free workshops are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, the latter of which would be awfully welcome in these parts in late June.

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The Month's Best Concerts

Montreal JUne 2017 events, festivals, attractions, and concerts include an appearance by Bob Dylan.
Lester Cohen / WireImage / Getty Images

Go straight to the listings of Montreal concerts.

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June Holidays: La Fête Nationale

Montreal June 2017 events and attractions include La Fête Nationale.
abdallahh / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

La Fête Nationale, aka Journée de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, is a statutory holiday in Quebec celebrating the province's unique culture every June 24.

Fireworks, bonfires, a major city parade, and free celebrations are part of the annual experience in Montreal.

Find out what's open and closed during La Fête Nationale, and don't forget to attend Montreal's best Fête Nationale events.

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The Best Summer Events of the Season

Les FrancoFolies is one of Montreal's hottest summer events.
Junko Chiba / Getty Images

In town this June and want a quick, bird's eye view of the season's top events and activities? This best-of is your perfect go-to for a listing of the best summer events and festivals.

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Experience the Ultimate Weekend

Montreal June weather is perfect for festival season.
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Have some free time coming up for a weekend getaway for Montreal? Check out the link here for a listing of the best weekend events; music venues; restaurant, pub, hotel, and spa deals; shopping; and family fun and adventures.

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Visiting Montreal in June?

Montreal Jazz Festival hotels include Renaissance Montreal Downtown.
Courtesy of Renaissance Montreal Downtown

Montreal is a maelstrom of activity come June. If you want to be in the thick of it, or at least close by, book a room or suite at these Montreal Jazz Festival hotels. Some are higher end and yet others offer competitive, affordable rates.

Many of Montreal's top boutique hotels are nearby too, as are the city's most luxurious accommodations.

If you'd like a taste of Montreal's European charm, stay at these top 12 Old Montreal hotels. From there, spend the day exploring the city's historic centre. Then pass through Chinatown, do some downtown shopping, and hit the entertainment district ​by evening.

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