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Montreal jobs online are easy to find provided you know where to look.
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Finding Montreal jobs online is a easy task once you know where to look. Find the right job is another story, one that can take weeks if months to play out. 

After all, finding a job is time-consuming. And it can be that much more exhausting to sift through ads for Montreal jobs if you don't know where to look or which site is legit. Save yourself some internet searching trouble. Get started and get organized with these reputable online Internet resources that should be on everyone's list when it comes to finding Montreal jobs.

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Also keep in mind during your search that Montreal is a French city. Yes, English is spoken on the streets in some neighborhoods and English jobs in Montreal do exist, but they are few and far between. The truth is most Montreal companies operate in French.


Emploi-Québec Job Bank
This provincial government agency is a great starting point for any Montreal job search. Narrow down the search to Île-de-Montréal to browse local employment opportunities listed by Montreal neighborhood.


Canada Job Bank
Run by Human Resources Development Canada, consult the job bank for listings across Canada or narrow the search down by province and region.


Not only is LinkedIn a choice networking resource just in terms of its CV-showcasing potential, but it's also a convenient site for job searches with new listings released daily. If you haven't opened an account yet, get on it.

It's free.


Agence Ometz Job Listings
In addition to Montreal job listings, Ometz also offers an array of placement and career counseling services for Jewish members of the community.


YES Montreal Job Listings
Job listings are typically restricted to job seekers ages 18 to 35. Browse the site to learn about YES' other services.

Easily the best career resource out there for young anglophone Montrealers.


Indeed Job Search Engine
The "Google" of job search engines. Just enter "Montreal" and let Indeed search major company websites for the latest job offers that may not be advertised in job banks or in job listings like Monster or Workopolis.
Over 4,000 companies list job openings on Quebec-based employment website


Montreal Gazette Online Job Listings
Montreal's only daily English newspaper's job listings.


Montreal Craigslist Jobs
Montreal job seekers beware. While there can be interesting job opportunities on Craigslist, remember one thing: it's free for employers to post jobs here, so scams are easy to come by. Consult these job listings with a massive grain of salt. And be on the lookout for masseuse positions that are in reality prostitution jobs and data entry scams that require you to pay money to work.


Montreal Kijiji
Similar to Craigslist, Kijiji attracts as many scams as it does interesting odd jobs. Just be careful.


Public Service Commission of Canada Jobs
Work for the Government of Canada. Lists jobs available across Canada as well as in Quebec.


Fonction publique du Québec Jobs
Work for the Quebec government.

Listings and website in French only.


City of Montreal Jobs
Work for the city. Job listings in French only.


Montreal Public Transportation Jobs
The STM, or Société de Transport de Montréal, is always on the lookout for candidates. Listings in French only.


Charity Village Job Listings
Job listings exclusively for the non-profit sector. Search by province.


One of the top generic online job search websites, search by location and industry.


The household name in online job search websites, search by location and industry.


Another online job search must for any serious job seeker in Montreal.


Canada Jobs
Search by province. Job listings for the province of Quebec are almost all for Montreal-based jobs.


Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec
Good resource for media jobs in Montreal and across Quebec.

Job listings in French only.


Grenier aux emplois
Mostly sales, administration and creative jobs in communication, media and marketing are listed on Grenier aux emplois. Job listings in French only.


Infopresse Jobs
Another good Montreal resource for jobs in communication, media and marketing. Job listings in French only.


Emplois Isarta
Mostly sales and marketing jobs can be found on Isarta. Job listings in French only.


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