Different Ways to Stay Fit in Montreal

Find fitness clubs, classes, resources, trainers and more

The Montreal fitness scene has something for everyone of every budget and taste, from tried and tested fitness centers to the latest trends in group exercise to gentle low-impact mind-and-body workouts like tai chi.

Keep reading to find the best gyms in Montreal, discover what exercise trends are hot right now, check out one of Canada's largest extreme sports centres, get a workout for your mind and most of all, get healthy.

Easier said than done, though. If you're feeling intimidated by the idea of starting a fitness program, know that you're not alone. It isn't always easy, but it's worth it.

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Montreal Fitness Clubs

Working out at ProGym

Photo courtesy of ProGym

From exclusive fitness centers to budget gyms, you can find a Montreal gym that fits your price range, lifestyle and preferences, from basic, no-frills weight rooms to full-service fitness destinations.

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Classical Stretch / Essentrics

Miranda Esmonde-White's stretching class
Video still courtesy of Essentrics

Miranda Esmonde-White is a Montreal stretch and strength trainer whose programs have helped breast cancer survivors regain mobility of their arms.

Her moves trim everyday waistlines, make wattles disappear, and eliminate lower back pain. Olympic athletes refer to Miranda for help in improving performance, including Quebec diving world champion Alexandre Despatie.

Even NHL hockey centers Talbot took a fancy to Miranda's ballet-inspired routines.

The best part? You can either join a class in person or practice it daily for free.

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Montreal Rock Climbing Resources

Rock Climbing at Parc Jean-Drapeau
Charles Knox / Getty Images

Muscular endurance and strength (particularly in the upper body), as well as enhanced flexibility, are just a few of the benefits rock climbing offers.

For free rock climbing, try the free bouldering section at Parc Jean-Drapeau near the Stewart Museum.

Otherwise, check out Allez Up, Horizon RocZero Gravité, and Shakti's rock climbing facilities.

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Le Taz Extreme Sports Centre

Extreme Sports at Olympic Park
Cultura RM Exclusive / Charles Knox / Getty Images

Inline skating courses for adults are offered at Montreal's extreme sports center Le Taz, which also accommodates skateboarding, waveboarding and BMX biking, complete with an indoor skate park and speed inline skating arena.

And for an outdoor skate area known for lines, curves, ramps, and railings head to Montreal's Olympic Park.

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Free Guided Meditation

peopleimages / Getty Images

It's not just the body that needs a workout.

The benefits of mindful meditation are numerous and increasingly undeniable as a growing body of empirical research confirms anecdotal evidence touting meditation's positive impact in reducing stress, acting like a fountain of youth on the mind and body.

Consider incorporating this ancient practice centers your lifestyle with a little help.

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Tai Chi in Montreal

Tai Chi Practicioners, Vieux Montreal

Alfred Essa/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Tai chi is practiced by millions in China and it's more mainstream than ever in the west as a form of low impact exercise and as a stress reduction technique suitable for nearly everyone of every fitness level, including athletes, young children, seniors and people unable to participate in moderate to intense aerobic activity.

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Free Yoga Classes

Yoga class
FatCamera / Getty Images

Finding a yoga studio in Montreal is not particularly difficult.

Finding a yoga studio in Montreal that offers free classes is another story and yes, they are far and few in between. But there are a handful of free and affordable options.

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Winter Activities

Montreal fitness options include these winter sports.
LindaRaymondPhotography / Getty Images

Did you know ice skating burns more calories than running? So does cross-country skiing.

The best part is that unlike doing cardio in the gym which can feel like a chore, time flies when you're outside engaging in winter sports and activities, most of which turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.