Joining Montreal Food Cooperatives

Save money joining a groupe d'achat collectif or food co-op

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Run by the community for the community, Montreal food cooperatives or co-ops—better known as "groupes d'achat" or "achat collectif" in Quebec—allow members to spend less on higher quality produce by pooling their money together to buy groceries in bulk directly from local farmers, wholesalers, and/or producers. Savings range from significant to dramatic, and the produce is often organic.

Co-Op Time Investment—Low to High

The time investment varies depending on the group or co-op and level of service. While some may be fairly small and informal, maybe charging a small membership fee to cover transportation and administration costs, others may require members to work—from a couple of hours a month to weekly shifts if the food is also prepped and cooked (e.g., transportation, coordination, packing, cooking, cleaning).

How to Find Food Co-Ops in Montreal

The organizations listed below are either co-ops or resources that can help locate a Montreal food co-op or "groupes d'achats" in your neighborhood.

  • Groupe Ressource du Plateau Mont-Royal
    A community service organization operating on the Plateau with links to many groupes d'achats or food co-ops in Montreal. A member of the Collectif des Groupes d'Achats du Québec.
    Neighborhood(s): Plateau Mont-Royal but can direct you to groups in other neighborhoods
  • Ecollegey Organic Food Service
    Offering a wide selection of locally grown and/or produced foods, including vegetables and fruits in season, grains, fish and meat, EcollegeY doesn't require any volunteering or membership fee, just a $10 deposit for the delivery bin provided with the first order. Prices are not exactly a steal, but if budgeted well with meals planned ahead, the cost ends up comparable to buying non-organic, non-local produce at supermarket chains and it's delivered to your front door.
    Neighborhood(s): Most of the Greater Montreal Area
  • Co-Op La Maison Verte
    One of Canada's largest cooperative ecological stores and a sure bet to find insider information on local "groupes d'achat" and grocery co-ops, La Maison Verte also sets up a mini farmer's market in front of their store selling fresh organic produce, goat cheese, and cut flowers every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is actively involved in community-supported agriculture.
    Neighborhood(s): Notre-Dame-de-Grâce but may be aware of groups outside NDG
  • Aliments d'Ici
    A member of GRIP-UQAM, Aliments d'Ici is a research committee devoted to finding affordable locavore solutions and are well-connected with the food co-op scene in Montreal.
    Neighborhood(s): Verdun but connected to groups in other neighborhoods
    Deeply implicated in issues of food security, affordable produce, and locavore lifestyles, this social and environmental research group from l'Université du Québec à Montréal is a great resource to help you locate groupe d'achats or food co-ops in your neighborhood.
    Neighborhood(s): Downtown but are linked to groupes d'achat across Montreal
  • Organic Campus
    Open to McGill students and the public at large, this food co-op is straightforward, affordable, and convenient. Produce is limited to vegetables, fruit, and some baked goods, but it's almost always locally grown, organic, seasonal, and you get a massive bang for your buck at only $15 a basket for two and $25 to feed an entire family's fruit and veggie needs for a week! Nearly identical to community-supported agriculture, the only difference from a consumer standpoint is instead of paying a few hundred dollars to cover the costs of two seasons worth of baskets, you only need to pay Organic Campus a week ahead and you are not obliged to commit yourself to a basket every week. And ... it's available year-round!
    Neighborhood(s): Downtown, but open to all residents in the Greater Montreal Area
  • Le Frigo Vert
    The equivalent of community-supported agriculture, Le Frigo Vert, in addition to providing vegetable and fruit baskets, also sells dried goods and other food products.
    Neighborhood(s): Downtown, but open to all residents in the Greater Montreal Area
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