Montreal Fireworks 2017-2018

Montreal Fireworks 2017-2018: When and Where

Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Montreal Fireworks 2017-2018: When, Where
Can't say Montrealers are as gung ho about launching fireworks in their backyards as Americans, but we make up for that by hosting the largest fireworks competition in the world in Old Montreal's backyard. And come winter, they're combined with ice as gawkers skate to the beat of pyrotechnics set to music. Find out when the next bout of Montreal fireworks is scheduled just below, find out where the best spots to watch fireworks in Montreal are here and get a little sneak preview of them via this Montreal Fireworks photo gallery.

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    Montreal Fireworks
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    The largest pyrotechnics competition of its kind in the world, the Montreal International Fireworks Competition has been going strong since 1985 and remains one of this city's top attractions.
    When: depends on the edition, can be anywhere from June through August

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    TELUS Fire On Ice
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    An annual tradition at the Old Port, every Saturday night sky in December lights up with Fire on Ice. Dubbed "pyro-musical" shows, spectators can look forward to fireworks—feux d'artifice in French—choreographed to sound.
    When: through December, sometimes also in January

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    Montreal fireworks 2017
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    La Saint-Jean, la Fête Nationale du Québec, St. Jean Baptiste Day ... it's a day of many names. But whatever you call it, it's one of Montreal's favorite holidays, one that honors Quebec's unique heritage, identity and history. Fireworks are one of its many traditions, with neighborhoods across Montreal celebrating with pyrotechnic displays.
    When: June 24, sometimes also June 23

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    Can't say every Montreal neighborhood goes ablaze the way it does on La Saint-Jean, but thousands nonetheless converge at Montreal's Old Port to gawk at Canada Day fireworks.
    When: July 1st

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    Every year since 2000, Montreal High Lights Festival Montréal en Lumière lights up our fine city around the dreariest part of February with close to two weeks of culinary experiences, live music, performance art, exhibits, light shows and free events. Organizers manage to fit fireworks into the mix.
    When: last two weeks of February

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    Only one night a year in Montreal features hundreds of mostly free cultural, musical, culinary, and sports-oriented activities available to the public 8 p.m. through 6 a.m. Fireworks are naturally on the agenda.
    When: last Saturday of February or first Saturday of March