Festivals Coming to Montreal in April 2018

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    Must-See Events, Shows, and Concerts Coming This Month

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include these must-see concerts, attractions and free things to do.
    ••• Above: inside Palais des congrès, Montreal's largest convention centre. Panoramic Images / Getty Images

    Much like March, April in Montreal has an unpredictable edge to it, at least when it comes to the weather. Events, on the other hand, really begin to pick up this month, with tons of festivals, shows, concerts, and free activities to enjoy.

    April in Montreal could feature a sweet summer's day or a polar vortex—maybe both in the span of 24 hours. Despite this, there's always something to do in the city, hail or shine, like the following must-see Montreal April festivals, attractions, concerts, and delightful freebies.

    From temporary museum and gallery exhibits coming to Montreal to the region's biggest literary festival, Blue Met Metropolis's Bleu Festival, you're sure to find something to enjoy during your trip to Canada.

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    The Sugar Rush

    Sugar Shacks Near Montreal include Sucrerie de la Montagne.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Sucrerie de la Montagne

    Sugar shack season is in full swing both in and outside of Montreal come April, though if you want the most complete and authentic experience, you have to leave the city.

    There are dozens of cabanes à sucres (sugar shacks) in the province of Quebec where maple sap is harvested and converted into maple syrup then used to make delicious treats. Many of these sugar shacks are within an hour of Montreal, but you can also check out some recreations at a few urban sugar shacks in Montreal

    Visiting these sugar shacks is a time-honored tradition in Montreal and most of eastern Canada. After all, maple syrup has become one of the symbols for this northern country, and the maple leaf is on the Canadian flag.

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    Concerts and Musical Events

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include these must-see concerts.
    ••• Above: PJ Harvey performs at The Shrine Expo Hall on August 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The Dorset singer-songwriter performs in Montreal on Easter weekend at the Metropolis on both April 14 and April 15, 2017. Timothy Norris / Getty Images


    Montreal's hottest concerts in April 2018 feature everything from a Bon Jovi performance at the Bell Centre to Tigerlily at New City Gas, featuring artists from every genre. Montreal is home to dozens of music venues—both small and large—and will host some of the biggest names in the music industry this year.

    Artists not to miss in April 2018 include Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Kent Nagano, and Christian Tetzlaff at Maison Symphonique; Émile Bilodeau at Le Club Dix30; Papa Roach at Théâtre TELUS;​ The Mountain Goats at L'Astral; The Velvets at Le Balcon Cabaret Music-Hall; Infected Mushroom at Mtelus; and Gramatik at New Gas City.

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    Free Attractions, Events, and Festivals

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include a variety of free things to do.
    ••• Montreal festivals in April 2017 include a variety of free things to do. martinedoucet / Getty Images

    While budgeting for a vacation is never easy, there are many free things to do in Montreal this April that will help you cut down on costs for your trip while still allowing you to enjoy some of the city's best attractions and sights.

    From Ben and Jerry's Free Cone day (April 10) and hiking Mount Royal to checking out the Barbie Expo or finding a job at the National Career Event, there's plenty of free things to enjoy this year.

    Additionally, many national monuments and parks are free to access and open year-round, and several museums and art galleries around the city offer free admission on certain days of the week.

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    The Last Chance for Snowboarding, Skiing, and Winter Sports

    Montreal festivals in April 2016 include the last downhill skiing and snowboarding runs of the season.
    ••• Above: at the base of Mont Saint-Sauveur, one of the better-known Quebec ski resorts. Henry Georgi / Getty Images

    Alpine skiing and snowboarding season in Quebec ends mid-April, so you'll need to head out early if you hope to catch the last of winter sports opportunities near Montreal. As a result, though, many of the hotels and resorts will be offering special season-end discounts on accommodations and equipment rentals.

    The top three regions to explore in Quebec are the Laurentians region with Mont Tremblant and Mont Saint Sauveur; the Charlevoix area with Mont-Saint-Anne, Stoneham, and Le Massif; and the Eastern Townships region with Mont Sutton, Owl's Head, and Mont Orford.

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    The Outdoor Adventure Show

    Montreal festivals in April 2016 include the Outdoor Adventure Travel Show.
    ••• Above: woman slacklining across a river in Quebec. Jared Alden / Getty Images

    On Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9, 2018, Palais des congrès will host the Outdoor Adventure Travel Show. You can discover new destinations, put together the ideal travel plans with the help of the show's 200+ exhibitors, hear the stories of seasoned travelers giving seminars on location, and buy some of the best gear available for outdoor adventures.

    2018 exhibitors include Aro Voyages, Kayak Beauharnois-Salaberry, Rafting Nouveau Monde, Magazine Découvertes, Grande Vie, and Arbraska Treetop Trekking, each of which offers a different way to explore the great outdoors in Canada.

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    New Exhibits Opening at Area Museums

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include these museum exhibits.
    ••• Above: a Yanomami shaman at a village in the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela, 2001. Scott Wallace / Getty Images

    As one of the biggest cultural centers in eastern Canada, Montreal has some of the country's top museums and galleries, many of which will be premiering new exhibits in April this year.

    On April 12, 2018, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present the second part of its 2013 project, "The Master's Hand II," a 50-image showcase of drawings and sketches from artists like Parmesan, Vasari, Agostino and Annibale Carracci, Castiglione, Millet, Victor Hugo, Matisse, Picasso, and Pissarro.

    Starting April 10, 2018, the  Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, will host the Queens of Egypt through November. Featuring over 350 objects including sarcophagi, a mummy, monumental statues, and jewelry related to Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut—some of the most famous Egyptian queens.

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    Terrace Season and Spa Time

    Montreal festivals in April 2016 include the return on terrace season.
    ••• Above: coffee cup spotted on an Old Montreal terrace. Marc Vidal / Getty Images

    April is perfect for two things: terrace dining and day spas. Montreal terrace culture comes to life as the snow melts and it gets warm enough to dine outdoors again. Try some of Montreal's top terraces for a taste of the city in the fresh spring air.

    On the other hand, some days in April are still quite chilly, so if you're looking for a way to relax while staying warm, a spa may be the perfect way to unwind. Fortunately, some of the top Montreal spas are offering great deals to celebrate spring, so you won't have to break the bank to unwind this April.

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    Montreal National Career Event

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include job fair the National Career Event.
    ••• David Ramos / Getty Images

    If you're visiting Montreal and looking for work, you can apply to thousands of jobs at the Montreal National Career Event on April 11 and 12, 2018 at the Palais des congrés.

    The exhibits are divided into two days, with Saturday events featuring information on health and social service careers while Sunday events feature information technology and engineering careers.

    You can attend seminars all weekend long on tips for successful interviews, resumé writing, and the Quebec job market or meet face-to-face with job recruiters in some of the biggest firms in your industry. This great networking event is free to attend, but you may need to arrive early for some of the smaller conferences.

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    Harlem Globetrotters

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include the Harlem Globetrotters on April 8.
    ••• Above: the iconic Harlem Globetrotter Curly Neal (center) with fellow teammates posing before a New York Knicks against the Minnesota Timberwolves game on December 16, 2015 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

    The Original Harlem Globetrotters have been an international basketball sensation since they first went on tour in the 1920s, and you have an opportunity each year to catch an exhibition game at Bell Centre in Montreal. This year, the Globetrotters return on April 6, 2018, starting at 7 p.m.

    The Harlem Globetrotters have played in 122 countries and territories (in all continents except Antarctica), playing exhibitions games featuring insane tricks for over 144 million fans to date.  Fun for the whole family, you'll need to book tickets well in advance to ensure you get a chance to see this one-of-a-kind game.

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    Braderie de Mode

    Montreal festivals in April 2016 include the Braderie de Mode, akak the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers.
    ••• Above: a model posing backstage on on March 16, 2016 as part of the Mackage fashion show at David Pecaut Square in Toronto, Canada. Mackage is one of the Braderie de Mode's better known brands. Edward James / Getty Images

    On April 12 through 15, 2018, the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers—otherwise known as the Braderie de Mode—offers a choice opportunity to score high-end apparel, outerwear, and accessories at up to 80 percent off retail prices. This bi-annual event takes place in both spring and fall at the Bonsecours Market, which is down the street from the famous Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours.

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    Parents and Kids Fair

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include the Parents and Kids Fair.
    ••• Photo courtest of the Parents and Kids Fair

    On April 5 through 8, 2018 the 26th edition of the Montreal Parents and Kids Fair will be held at Place Bonaventure. Geared towards newborns and children up to 6 years old, as well as expectant families, the Parents and Kids Fair features hundreds of exhibitors. You and your family can find out information about health, birth, nutrition, social and government services, consumer products, daycare, education, recreation, and family activities.

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    Gem and Minerals Show

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include the Annual Gem and Mineral Show.
    ••• Catherine MacBride / Getty Images

    On April 13, 14, and 15, 2018, the Montreal Salon des Pierres returns to the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau for its 33rd anniversary. You can score deals on jewelry, geodes, fossils, gem art, and even fossils at this special exhibition. Featuring two exhibitions halls with more than 230 tables of semi-precious stones, pearls, and sculptures, you're sure to find something during this special three-day event.

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    Monster Trucks

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include Monster Truck Spectacular.
    ••• Ronald C. Modra / Getty Images

    Every year an assortment of monster trucks and thrill rides hit Montreal's Olympic Stadium, and on April 7, 2018, Monster Spectacular XXIV returns to the city. Monster Spectacular is the number one freestyle motocross and monster truck event company in Canada, featuring events all across the country from April through September each year. If you'd like a chance to see something unique on your vacation to Montreal, a night at the monster truck rally is certainly a worthwhile adventure.

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    Easter Sunday Events and Services

    Montreal Easter Weekend 2017 Paques events.
    ••• Gabriela Tulian / Getty Images

    In 2018, Easter Sunday falls on the first day of April, meaning the majority of holiday-themed events will take place in March. However, there's still plenty of opportunities to enjoy an Easter weekend in Montreal from Good Friday, March 30 to Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. Grab an Easter Sunday brunch, head to one of Montreal's many cathedrals for Sunday Mass, or even attend an Easter egg hunt with your family at one of the community centers or public parks in the city.

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    Vues d'Afrique

    Montreal festivals in April 2017 include Vues d'Afrique.
    ••• Above: Aya wal bahr (''Aya Goes to the Beach'') is a short film about a 10-year-old maid yearning to escape her hum drum existence in Casablanca for a better life by the sea. And there might be a way with the help of her disabled neighbor. Aya wal bahr screens at the 2017 edition of Vues d'Afrique. Film still courtesy of Maryam Touzani

    The 34th annual film festival Vues d'Afrique will return to Montreal's Cinémathéque Québécoise from April 13 through 22, 2018. Films from over 30 countries around the world will be screened over the course of nine days, and guests can either buy a pass to a single screening or buy bundles of movie passes to catch more films. Many independent films will be making their debut at the festival this year, so be sure to get your tickets now so you don't miss the first look at some of the best in modern filmmaking.

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    Earth Day Events and Celebrations

    Earth Day 2017 in Montreal.
    ••• Earth Day in Montreal, also known as Jour de la Terre, usually features a slew of free and affordable activities. ESA / Getty Images News

    There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day in Montreal this year, and not just on Sunday, April 22—the city celebrates eco-consciousness all month long with community service projects, special events, and neighborhood cleanup projects. On April 20, 2018, Le Chemin qui Marche and Les Petites Mains en Scene will present a special Earth Day Theatre production called "Arbre" at Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre's Stewart Hall. Additionally, Le Musee des Maitres et Artisan du Quebec will host an art workshop entitled "Pierrot the Bird" to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday and Sundays April 21 through 29.

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    Blue Metropolis

    Montreal events in April 2017 in Montreal include attending a free Blue Metropolis event.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Blue Metropolis

    Blue Metropolis, a Montreal multilingual literary festival running April 20 through April 29, 2017, is the place to rub shoulders with the emerging and the elite in the publishing world. From authors to photographers, storytellers to illustrators, publishers and literary professionals of all sorts from across the globe gather right here every year in Montreal. This year's event marks the 20th anniversary of Blue Met, and as a result, they'll be selling festival passes for just $20 this year.

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    Butterflies Go Free

    Every winter and spring, the Montreal Botanical Garden presents Butterflies Go Free.
    ••• Every winter and spring, the Montreal Botanical Garden sets free up to 20,000 butterflies and moths in the confines of its greenhouses over the course of the live exhibit. Olga Tremblay / Getty Images

    Each year, the Montreal Botanical Gardens hosts the Butterflies Go Free event to welcome a new group of butterflies to the gardens, and April 30, 2018, is the last chance to catch thousands of butterflies of this beautiful attraction. There are between 50 and 75 species of butterflies from the United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Tanzania in the Gardens' greenhouses, so you might even see some species you've never heard of before!