Montreal in February Weather and Event Guide

Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal in winter.
Yves Marcoux / Design Pics / Getty Images

Don't let anyone tell you, you are crazy for going to Montreal in February, despite being the second coldest month of the year, next to January.  This famously frigid Canadian city has plenty to offer the brave souls who can see past the low mercury: Low season hotel and travel rates, ice-skating, and a massive arts festival are just some of the fun to be had. 

Montreal Weather in February

  • Average February temperature: -8ºC / 18ºF
  • February average high: -3ºC / 27ºF
  • February average low: -13ºC / 9ºF

Temperatures may feel colder because of the wind ("wind chill factor"). When the weather person announces it is -15ºC, you know it is *cold.* This is the temperature where schools will possibly keep kids in for recess. 

Montreal winters are cold but dry and sunny. 

Visitors can expect some snowfall and the occasional rainfall at least half the days in February.

What to Pack

Montreal has cold, snowy winters. The sub-zero temperatures feel colder because of the wind, but, temperatures are not necessarily unpleasant if you're prepared. It's all about having the right gear. 

Visitors to Montreal in February should be prepared for a variety of temperatures, but mostly really cold or downright freezing. Pack clothing that can be layered. Learn how to dress to stay warm in winter.

  • Long sleeve shirts; sweaters/sweatshirts
  • Heavy, winter jacket, lighter jacket or winter vest
  • Scarf, hat, mitts or gloves
  • Closed-toe, comfortable waterproof shoes, and boots. 
  • Snow pants

Especially in Old Montreal where the streets are cobblestone, walking can be precarious, so proper boots with non-slip are a must. Consider buying the slip-on Yaktrax that slip on over footwear for increased traction.

February Perks

  • February is low season for visitors to Montreal, so lots of hotels offer great deals.
  • Local ski hills are open. Read about the best places to ski near Montreal

What's Not So Great about Montreal in February

  • Did we mention it's cold?
  • Old Montreal is not deserted, but in no way has the hustle and bustle of summertime. Some shops and restaurants may be closed for part of the winter season.

Good to Know

  • Driving in Montreal during the winter is challenging. The province of Quebec, in fact, mandates all cars have snow tires. If you can avoid driving, do so. Take the excellent public transportation system or cabs. When you do drive in Canada in winter, ​follow these tips
  • Weather temperatures will often include a "wind chill factor," which means that it feels colder than what the thermometer actually reads because of a cold wind. An example of what you might hear a meteorologist say is, "It's minus six, or minus 10 with a wind chill."
  • People in Montreal are a stylish bunch but they're not stupid about it. Come winter, locals wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Sidewalks can be extremely slippery and may not always get shoveled or have sand or salt added for grip. Wear boots or warm, weatherproof hikers. 
  • Montreal's Underground City is a welcome escape from the cold. This network of underground paths connect major centres in downtown Montreal and include shops, restaurants, subway stations, hotel entrances and more. 

Events & Highlights

  • Montreal en Lumière is an all-night arts festival around the city.
  • There are no holidays in Montreal in February. Many other provinces celebrate Family Day, but this is not observed in Quebec.
  • Harbourfront skating is free every day.
  • Three hours east of Montreal, Quebec City hosts its annual winter carnival, which goes until the second week of February.