Montreal February Weather

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    Montreal February Weather

    Montreal February weather is cooold.
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    Montreal February Weather: Climate, Temperatures*

    Welcome to winter in Montreal. Not as statistically chilly as January, February is nonetheless COLD and much like its calendar neighbor, this is yet another month where you'll curse what looks like a beautiful day. A sunny subzero day in February nearly guarantees bone-chilling, cold weather whereas a gray, cloudy day tends to announce a "warmer" outdoor experience complemented by snowfall. 

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    But there is one exception to that rule. February gets its fair share of ''freak'' spring days when the mercury climbs above 0ºC  (32ºF). When that happens, the sun offers a warm ray of relief to commuting locals if they aren't greeted with a smattering of rain.

    And as I said in January, if you don't know what wind chill means yet, you'll soon find out.


    Montreal February Weather: What to Wear

    A hearty down jacket is the best way to ensure a minimum of comfort as are thick gloves, a scarf and tuque, hat or hood. On very cold days, make sure to cover the head, ears and hands as they easily lose heat. Also, insulated boots, preferably water resistant or even better, waterproof, are highly recommended.

    Visiting Montreal in February? Pack:

    • long sleeved shirts, sweaters, short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts to be layered with cardigans, fleece and outerwear
    • cardigans, wraps, blazers, jackets, wool jackets, trench coats, down coats
    • long pants, jeans, skirts/dresses with tights, leggings (bare legs are a bad idea)
    • closed toe shoes, boots (preferably insulated and water resistant)
    • scarves, gloves, hats, tuques, ear muffs
    • sunglasses and sunscreen are a must year round



    *Source: Environment Canada. Average temperatures, extremes and precipitation data retrieved February 28, 2017. All information is subject to quality assurance checks by Environment Canada and may change without notice. Note that all weather statistics as presented above are averages compiled from weather data collected over a 30-year period.

    **Note that light showers, rain and/or snow may overlap on the same day. For example, if Month X features an average of 10 days of light showers, 10 days of heavier rain and 10 days of snowfall, that does not mean that 30 days of Month X are typically characterized by precipitation. It could mean that, on average, 10 days of Month X may feature light showers, rain and

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    Montreal February Weather: The Snow

    Montreal February weather involves a fair bit of snow.
    Michel Benghozi / Getty Images

    In third place for the month with the most snow and in second place for the coldest month of the year, you'd think Montreal locals would hibernate for the year. Instead, scenes like the one in this photo of a family strolling through Mount Royal Park in heavy snowfall are common.

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    Montreal February Weather: The Activities

    Montreal February weather makes ice skating possible.
    LindaRaymondPhotography / Getty Images

    Montreal winter weather provides the perfect backdrop for an array of winter activities, from skiing to ice skating.

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    Montreal February Weather: The Lifestyle

    Montreal February weather does nothing to stop festival season.
    Photo courtesy of Montréal en Lumière © Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

    There's a lot going on in Montreal in February, including more outdoor fun that you'd expect. Montreal snow festival Fête des Neiges and outdoor EDM nights courtesy of Igloofest are the norm at the start of February.​​

    Later in the month, Montréal en Lumière, Montreal's most important winter festival, takes hold of the entertainment district which then hosts hundreds of free shows, activities, and events over the course of two to three weeks.