Montreal Fall Events 2017

Annual Fall Events in Montreal

You might think Montreal fall events are in short supply after barely recovering from the summer blitz that puts this city on the map every year, but we don't call Montreal a city of festivals for nothing. Celebrating god-knows-what is a year-round commitment in these parts and falling leaves is just another excuse to get out there and enjoy life and its charming, little perks.

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    Montreal Fall Holidays

    Montreal Fall events in 2017 include these holidays.
    Scott Stulberg /Getty Images

    Show me a nine-to-fiver and I'll show you someone counting the days until the next long weekend. Enter your fall holiday guides. And the ones I put together is without a doubt the most exhaustive you have ever found on the subject, complete with information on what's open, what's closed and what's happening on each statutory holiday affecting the Greater Montreal Area come autumn.

    When: September through November

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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include Mois de la photo.
    Courtesy of the artists © ExpVisLab
    Mois de la photo is French for “Photo Month,” a biennial event held in September every odd year in Montreal featuring the works of usually a couple dozen photographers. Exhibits are open to the public free of charge. Organizers also usually propose a handful of paid events, from meet-the-artist brunches to colloquia to pre-launch parties.
    When: beginning of September through beginning of October, every second year
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include World Press Photo.
    Every year, the world's most prestigious photojournalism foundation organizes a touring exhibition featuring World Press Photo competition winners. Among its international exhibition host cities is Montreal.
    When: throughout September
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include the Montreal Botanical Garden's Gardens of Light
    Photo by Flickr user

    An annual tradition at the gardens come fall, for many years Gardens of Light was called “The Magic of Lanterns” and featured handmade silk lanterns specially constructed every year in Montreal's sister city of Shanghai under the guise of a different annual theme, lighting up the Chinese Garden to onlooker delight. More recently, the Montreal Botanical Garden expanded the event to include pleasing, if simpler lighting schemes in the Japanese Garden.
    When: early September through early November

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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include POP Montreal.
    Image courtesy of POP Montreal
    POP Montreal is a music festival, a visual art exhibit, a film appreciation society and a flea market. It's also a series of free art workshops just for kids. But POP Montreal is above all a celebration of creativity that keeps growing in size and popularity since its first edition in 2002. Attracting roughly 10,000 people to each five-day edition, part of POP Montreal's beauty is how it dares to combine fiercely independent acts with commercial success stories, though in its first years, it was almost completely indie.
    When: usually the last week of September
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include Culture days or Journées de la Culture
    Photo courtesy of Journées de la Culture
    What started out as a relatively small cultural event in the province of Quebec circa 1997 has grown exponentially over the years and turned into a movement of cultural democratization featuring hundreds of free activities over the course of three days across Canada. In Montreal, those three "Culture Days" cover over 500 activities, everything from free dance classes to glass blowing demonstrations.
    When: the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include free compost weekend.
    Getty Images

    Twice a year, Montreal residents are given access to a heap of city compost free of charge at key locations across the city. In the fall, free compost weekend tends to fall on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.
    When: usually the second weekend of October

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    Montreal fall events in 2017. The Braderie de mode or Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers.
    Photo courtesy of Mélissa Nepton

    Featuring samples and inventory surplus 50% to 80% off retail price -- womenswear, menswear, accessories, jewelry -- the Braderie is a unique sale in Montreal for the simple reason that all featured brands are the brainchildren of local designers. So don't expect a sea of dollar bins, but do anticipate scoring mid to high end label finds at the some of the best prices on the market.
    When: mid to late October

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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include the Montreal Zombie Walk.
    Photo by Flickr user Humanoide

    The Montreal Zombie Walk started out as a small, grass roots, almost flash mob gathering of people in 2008. By 2011, the walk was huge, becoming an undeniable highlight of Halloween in Montreal. And anyone can join in. Even you.
    When: mid to late October

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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include Old Montreal ghost walks and ghost hunts.
    Photo courtesy of Les Fantômes du Vieux-Montréal

    Ever go on a ghost walk? Or a ghost hunt?
    When: all the way through late October


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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include Montreal restaurant week Taste MTL.
    Photo courtesy of Kyo

    After years of living in the shadows of New York Restaurant Week or even Toronto's Winterlicious, Montreal Restaurant Week finally became a full-blown reality in 2012. I say full-blown because the Antonopoulos Group, a well-known family business that owns a handful of restaurants and boutique hotels in Old Montreal got a head start on the concept in 2008 and ran with it via Le Happening Gourmand, an annual event that shares the same format as Taste MTL though on a much smaller scale. Then another family business copied their format. So, you could say we've got two or three-ish Montreal Restaurant Weeks. But for a city that boasts more restaurants per capita than any other metropolitan area in North America, that's hardly surprising.
    When: first two weeks of November

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    Montreal fall events 2015 include the time change.
    Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

    November is the month when residents must fall back to Standard Time, setting clocks one hour behind. But why do we even do this? I looked into myself, tired of scratching my head twice a year over what seems pointless on the surface. Find out why we shift in and out of Daylight Saving Time.
    When: the first Sunday of November

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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include the Montreal Dog Show.
    Photo courtesy of Blue Ribbon Therapy Dogs
    Love dogs? Then you'll love the Montreal Dog Show.
    When: early to mid November


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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include the Montreal wine show La Grande Dégustation.
    Photo courtesy of La Grande Dégustation

    Not to be confused with the now defunct Montreal Wine and Spirits Show, La Grande Dégustation is the juggernaut of Montreal wine events which first debuted in October 2011 with 1,500 wines, beers and spirits from 20 countries on offer for tasting and purchasing purposes under the same roof. It's the ultimate place to taste (and buy) that one-of-a-kind private import you just can't find in Quebec SAQ stores.
    When: early to mid November

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    M for Montreal

    Montreal fall events in 2017 include M for Montreal.
    Image courtesy of M for Montreal
    If you want a bird's eye view of who's who in Montreal's music scene, then M for Montreal should do the trick. Scouting local acts since 2006, M for Montreal offers a series of outdoor concerts, large venue attractions and nightclub events every year, with its biggest annual series of showcases happening over a smattering of days every November.
    When: mid to late November
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include the Santa Claus Parade
    Photo © Evelyn Reid
    An annual tradition since 1925 minus a few skipped years, the Montreal Santa Claus Parade, better known as the Défilé du Père Noël, likes to get a head start on the holiday season and dazzle thousands of delighted kids with a glimpse of Santa while it's still fall in the city. This is the largest parade of its kind in the city, drawing in crowds of up to 300,000 people.
    When: mid to late November
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    Montreal fall events in 2017 include a Montreal christmas parade.
    Image courtesy of Plaza St. Hubert
    A low-key alternative to Montreal's largest Christmas parade is Montreal's (arguably) second largest Christmas parade. I'm rather fond of it because of how interactive parade participants are with kids. And since it's less crowded than the Santa Clause Parade, the little ones have a better chance of getting one-on-one time with Santa and friends.
    When: late November

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