Montreal December 2016: Events and Attractions

A Montreal December 2016 Guide

Well, the jingles (and assorted remixes) have started. Love it or loathe it, it's the holiday season!

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And get ready for winter, a season I adore -you heard me!- for several reasons. One of those reasons is the outdoor activities. Then there are the indoor perks. And of course, who can forget the festivals.

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is or how cold it gets, Montreal always finds a way to celebrate something. 

It's a local thing.

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    Montreal December 2015 events, concerts, Christmas festivals and more.
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    From Christmas events to Christmas shopping, December can feel mildly nauseating. Perhaps exhausting. Unless invigorating, depending on your perspective.

    Need a break from carols, jingles and holiday-speak? Drop by one of Montreal's public markets for an afternoon of soul food.

    First choice? The Jean-Talon Market. And be aimless about it. Buy a bag full of rosebud tea, sample honey wine, grab a coffee, a baklava, crepe, samosa, whatever. And just sit down. And relax.

    Feeling better? Perfect. Now time for some fun.

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    Montreal Christmas events in 2016 include these free things to do.
    ••• Above: an interior view of the lights and wiring inside Place Ville-Marie's iconic Christmas tree located in downtown Montreal. Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

    Free things to do in Montreal come December? With the holiday frenzy frazzling the masses, it couldn't hurt to indulge in a few freebies, no?

    Think craft fairs, Christmas markets, candlelit walks, museum exhibits and more.

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    Montreal festivals in December 2016 include these must-see concerts.
    ••• Above: Kaytranada attends HBO's 'Insecure' Block Party on September 25, 2016 in Brooklyn City. The Montreal-based phenom spins in his hometown December 10, 2016. Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for HBO

    December is easily the slowest month for concerts in Montreal. There's not much in the way of big tickets and there's a huge drop in shows altogether as of December 21st, which happens ever year as the holiday season takes hold.

    But there are still some gems to enjoy, as I've discovered sifting through the listings myself.

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    Montreal December 2016 winter events.
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    From the season's best sports and activities to events you won't want to miss, make the most of December with this complete guide to winter in Montreal.

    It also includes some creature comforts and personal favorites.

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    Montreal concerts in October 2016 include these weekend events.
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    Plan for the perfect weekend in Montreal with this weekend planner.

    Score the best brunch, grab a pint, catch a movie, dine in style for less and find something to do that pleases the whole clan.

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    Montreal December 2015 events, festivals, concerts, museums and weather
    ••• Montreal December weather feels like winter by the first week, but it's usually a milder month than Montreal in January and February. Jonathan Clark / Getty Images

    Though the season officially shifts December 21st, it definitely feels like winter by the first week of December, though it's usually a milder month than Montreal in January and February.

    You'll still want to bundle up, though.

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    montreal december 2011
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