Montreal Cider Festival Mondial des Cidres 2017

Montreal cider festival Le Mondial des cidres offers the public a chance to taste some of 300 made-in-Quebec cider products in one proverbial shot. Above: ever wonder what the disgorging, capping and packaging of sparkling rose cider looks like?
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Le Mondial des Cidres: 2017 Edition

Montreal cider festival Le Mondial des cidres couldn't be a more fitting event for a city one hour or less from dozens upon dozens of apple-picking orchards. What can I say? It's no secret Quebec loves its apple trees. And where there's an orchard, there's likely a vat of apfelwein frothing in its ferment.

By extension, it should come as no surprise that over 300 cider products are made in Quebec, including standard cider, sparkling cider (cidre pétillant) and even ice cider (cidre de glace), an especially sweet, concentrated apple wine variety similar to regular ice wine that serves as a digestif and pairs well with dessert and my personal favorite, cheese. Incidentally, ice cider first saw the light of day right here in Quebec, its place of origin.

Le Mondial des cidres: How the 2017 Edition Works

Running March 3 through March 5, 2017, you couldn't ask for a better or more convenient introduction to Quebec cider. Le Mondial des cidres sets up 20 producer kiosks in the entertainment district at Complexe Desjardins allowing guests to sample different varieties of cider from across the province.

Cheese, charcuterie and artisanal bread are also part of the taste testing experience with over a dozen local producers on site. There are also workshops (generally in French) and special tasting events.


4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Thursday, March 3, 2017
12 p.m. to midnight, Friday, March 4, 2017
12 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, March 5, 2017


Getting There


$20 regular admission, includes 10 tasting coupons and a tasting glass 
$1 per extra tasting coupon*, $8 for 10 tasting coupons

*Note that the number of coupons required per tasting may vary depending on the cider product.

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