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Five Ecosystems, One Great Family Attraction at Montreal Biodome

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The Montreal Biodome is one of four facilities that comprise Space for Life, Canada's largest natural sciences museum complex.

The Biodome building houses five ecosystems - mimicking climate and landscape - through which visitors may stroll at leisure: 1. The Tropical Forest features lush vegetation and a steamy climate. 2. The Laurentian Maple Forest is home to beavers, otters and lynx. Tree leaves actually turn colour and fall off the branches in autumn. 3. The Gulf of St. Lawrence boasts 2.5 million litres of "sea water" produced on-site. 4. The Labrador Coast represents a subarctic zone of rocky coastline, with steep cliffs, no vegetation but a plethora of entertaining puffins. 5. The Sub-Antarctic Islands feature a volcanic landscape with a temperature hovering between between 2ºC and 5ºC. Four species of penguins live here.

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    Getting to the Montreal Biodome

    ••• Photo © Ville de Montreal

    Address: 4777 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin in east end Montreal
    Pay parking is at 3000 and 3200 Viau Street, including one underground lot. Parking ticket is also valid for same-day parking at Botanical Garden/Insectarium/Planetarium parking lots.
    By metro: Viau metro station

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    How Much Time Should You Spend at the Montreal Biodome?

    ••• One of the ecosystems recreated inside the Montreal Biodome is the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Photo © Montréal Biodôme

    Allow for about one to two hours to visit the Montreal Biodome. But given that the Insectarium, Botanical Gardens and Olympic Stadium are in the same vicinity, you can spend the better part of a day visiting in the area.

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    Montreal Biodome Services

    Biodome de Montreal building; Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    ••• Montreal Biodome contains the flora and fauna of North America's four eocsystems. Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

    The Montreal Biodome offers audioguides (at a cost), a gift shop, restaurant, cloakroom and strollers (free of charge).

    Nature interpreters are present along the ecosystem pathway to answer questions.

    The Montreal Biodome is accessible for those who require wheelchairs (available for rent) and those with reduced mobility.

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    Montreal Biodome Hours

    Montreal Biodome hours change slightly throughout the year, with longer hours 7 days a week through summer months. Check the website for details.

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    Cost to Visit the Montreal Biodome

    Biodome, tower of the Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec Province, Canada, North America
    ••• The Montreal Biodome is part of Olympic Park. Guenther Schwermer / Getty Images

    As of 2017, an adult admission to the Montreal Biodome was Cdn$20.25, with reduced rates for Quebec residents, children, seniors, students and families of four. If you're a family and planning to visit the Biodome as well as the Insectarium, Botanical Garden and Planetarium, be sure to investigate purchasing an annual pass - even if you visit each once, you may save money.

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    While You're in the Area

    ••• The Montreal Biodome is located just outside of Montreal's downtown core on avenue Pierre-De Coubertin, near the Olympic Stadium. Photo © Space for Life

    The Olympic Stadium, Planetarium, Insectarium, and Botanical Gardens round out a trip to the Montreal Biodome, as all are in the area, within walking distance for most people (about 10/15 mins).

    The Insectarium and Botanical Garden are on the same site - beside Maissoneuve Park - about a 15 minute walk from the Biodome and Olympic Stadium.

    Otherwise, there is not much else in the immediate area. If you plan to have dinner or lunch nearby, have it mapped out because you won't just stumble across much.

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    Fun Facts about the Biodome

    ••• Variations in temperature and lighting encourage plants to become dormant in late summer and the leaves to change colour in the fall in the Laurentian Forest in the Montreal Biodome. Photo © Julie D’Amour-Léger / Ville de Montreal
    • Biodome comes from the Greek words bios, or life, and domos, house.
    • The Biodome building was designed by French architect Roger Taillibert as a bicycle racing venue for the Montreal Olympics. It opened as the Biodome in 1992.
    • Kids can attend sleepovers on certain nights throughout the year.
    • The plants in the tropical forest never have to be weeded as they are are self-regulating. The trees are pruned three or four times a year to keep them from pushing through the glass roof.
    • The Biodome is still the only place in the world to reproduce the cycle of the seasons indoors.
    • Close to 4,000 animals are fed each day with diets including meat loaf, fruit, vegetables in little sticks or large chunks, cottage cheese, eggs, and fish.
    • All the rocks at the Biodome as well as the giant trees holding up the glass roof in the tropical forest were made by hand, out of concrete and fibreglass.
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    Tips for Visiting the Montreal Biodome

    Canadian Lynx at the Montreal Biodome
    ••• The Montreal Biodome houses the flora and fauna of North America's four ecosystems. Mark Tomalty / Getty Images
    • While you're visiting the Biodome, check out the Insectarium and Botanical Garden as well. Also peek your head into the Olympic Stadium. You may be lucky to catch dive practice.
    • Consider the annual pass if you are a family visiting more than one museum on your visit. Even if you visit each just once, it may save you money.
    • If you don't want to eat at the Biodome, have a place picked out beforehand to go. The neighbourhood is not one where you will just stumble across a nice restaurant.
    • If you're visiting the Insectarium or Botanical Garden with small children, bring a stroller as it is a considerable walk between buildings.