Montreal Average Monthly Temperatures

Montreal Place d'Armes

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Montreal weather is notoriously bipolar. Showers, snow, freezing rain, followed by warm sun and elimination of all torrential evidence in the span of one day? Entirely possible. Sometimes probable.

So if you plan on making the best of your time in Montreal which, incidentally, is not very hard to do, consider getting the scoop on local weather trends and dress the part. After all, as said author Alfred Wainwright, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."  A month by month breakdown of Montreal's average monthly temperatures is just below.* 


The statistically coldest month of the year in Montreal, January is more than manageable with the right clothes. And a fearless attitude.

  • Average January temperature: -8.9ºC / 16ºF
  • Average January high (day): -5.4ºC / 22ºF
  • Average January low (night): -12.4ºC / 10ºF
  • Record high: 12.8ºC / 55ºF
  • Record low: -33.5ºC / -28ºF


February temperatures in Montreal are comparable to January's, so be prepared to bundle up.

  • Average February temperature: -7.2ºC / 19ºF
  • Average February high (day): -3.7ºC / 25ºF
  • Average February low (night): -10.6ºC / 13ºF
  • Record high: 15ºC / 59ºF
  • Record low: -33.3ºC / -28ºF


March is still very much steeped in winter in these parts, but the edge is usually off by the second half of the month. Some years feature spring thaw this time of year. Yet others see winter persist.

  • Average March temperature: -1.2ºC / 30ºF
  • Average March high (day): 2.4ºC / 36ºF
  • Average March low (night): -4.8ºC / 23ºF
  • Record high: 25ºC / 77ºF
  • Record low: -28ºC / -18ºF 


Spring most definitely rears its budding head in April in Montreal. The question is when.

  • Average April temperature: 7ºC / 45ºF
  • Average April high (day): 11ºC / 52ºF
  • Average April low (night): 2.9ºC / 37ºF
  • Record high: 30ºC / 86ºF
  • Record low: -17.8ºC / 0ºF


May is a beauty. The flowers start blooming, locals shed their winter duds and the comfortable temperatures are the delightful norm.

  • Average May temperature: 14.5ºC / 58.1ºF
  • Average May high (day): 19ºC / 66.2ºF
  • Average May low (night): 10ºC / 50ºF
  • Record high: 32.8ºC / 91.04ºF
  • Record low: -5ºC / 23ºF


June is a hotbed of activity in Montreal. And it tends to get piping hot by month's end, if not earlier. 

  • Average June temperature: 19.3ºC / 67ºF
  • Average June high (day): 23.7ºC / 75ºF
  • Average June low (night): 14.9ºC / 59ºF
  • Record high: 34.5ºC / 94ºF
  • Record low: 1.1ºC / 34ºF


Hot and humid is the way of Montreal summers. Let's just say dry heat is a rare miracle in July.

  • Average July temperature: 22.3ºC / 72ºF
  • Average July high (day): 26.6ºC / 80ºF
  • Average July low (night): 17.9ºC / 64ºF
  • Record high: 36.1ºC / 97ºF
  • Record low: 7.8ºC / 46ºF


August in Montreal? Still hot. Still humid. Mind you, anything is possible. We're talking weather, after all.

  • Average August temperature: 20.8ºC / 69ºF
  • Average August high (day): 24.8ºC / 77ºF
  • Average August low (night): 16.7ºC / 63ºF
  • Record high: 35.6ºC / 96ºF
  • Record low: 6.1ºC / 43ºF
  • Record low: 7.8ºC / 46ºF


Cooler, yet still summery temperatures persist the first half of September in Montreal. 

  • Average September temperature: 15.7ºC / 60ºF
  • Average September high (day): 19.4ºC / 67ºF
  • Average September low (night): 9ºC / 48ºF
  • Record high: 32.8ºC / 91ºF
  • Record low: 0ºC / 32ºF 


Indian summers are very much a possibility in October in Montreal. You never know. Layers are key as even a hot day is generally followed by a cool, crisp night.

  • Average October temperature: 9.2ºC / 49ºF
  • Average October high (day): 12.3ºC / 54ºF
  • Average October low (night): 5.9ºC / 43ºF
  • Record high: 28.9ºC / 84ºF
  • Record low: -7.2ºC / 19ºF


November gets chilly in Montreal. Not bone-chilling chilly, but definitely cool. 

  • Average November temperature: 2.5ºC / 36.5ºF
  • Average November high (day): 5.1ºC / 41ºF
  • Average November low (night): -0.2ºC / 32ºF
  • Record high: 22.2ºC / 72ºF
  • Record low: -27.8ºC / -18ºF


And so begins winter in Montreal, usually halfway through the month of December, if not earlier. Late winter onsets have also been known to happen, though a white snowy holiday season is more common than not.

  • Average December temperature: -5.6ºC / 22ºF
  • Average December high (day): -2.3ºC / 28ºF
  • Average December low (night): -8.9ºC / 16ºF
  • Record high: 15ºC / 59ºF
  • Record low: -33.9ºC / -29ºF

*Source: Environment Canada. Average temperatures and record data retrieved September 14, 2010. All information is subject to quality assurance checks by Environment Canada and may change without notice. Note that all weather statistics as presented above are averages compiled from weather data collected over a 30-year period.