Visiting Montreal in April: Events and Weather

Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal
Hisham Ibrahim/Stockbyte/Getty Images

As the snow finally thaws and warmer weather starts to arrive in Canada each April, Montreal welcomes an influx of visitors hoping to enjoy the many spring events, outdoor activities, and delicious maple treats the city has to offer.

In April, visitors and residents of Montreal alike can expect maximum daytime temperatures of 52 F (11 C) and minimum temperatures of 34 F (1 C) throughout most of the month (on average). The warmer weather means you'll have easier access to area's attractions and events, but the weather can also be quite unpredictable.

Montreal has a short, mild spring that's similar to Toronto's, and visitors can expect at least some rain about 11 days out of 30 in April. Don't trust April in Montreal to have typical spring conditions, though. Snow is not unheard of and temperatures can certainly dip below freezing, so pack for colder conditions than you might think.

How to Prepare for an April Vacation to Montreal

April sees an increase in the number of visitors arriving in after what is generally a long, snowy and bitterly cold winter. Old Montreal especially is best explored by foot, however, if you'd like to do so without snow on the ground you may be best to wait for May.

April is a fickle month that likes to tantalize with warm temperatures followed by a blast of cold and snow: the result is a hodgepodge of indeterminate weather that is best described as "wet." As a result, you'll want to bring warm, water-resistant outerwear, an umbrella, closed-toe shoes and, and a range of clothing including t-shirts, sweaters, light pants, heavy slacks, and a warm coat. Packing layered outfits is a good idea as days can be quite warm while nights are still relatively chilly.

Although springtime means the full throng of summer visitors has not arrived, it also means many of the most popular Montreal events that take place each summer have yet to start. Also, although the ski season may be finished, ski resorts like Mont-Tremblant offer great off-peak deals. You'll find all sorts other deals and discounts on airfare, accommodations, and even meals and attractions during this slower tourist season.

What to See in Montreal This April

If the April Montreal weather's enticed you to explore this Canadian city, you'll want to make the most of your trip by planning what you'd like to see during your vacation. You'll certainly not want to miss trying out a maple-inspired menu at one of the city's many restaurants celebrating sugar shack season or the opportunity to enjoy some of the annual festivals the city has to offer this month.

The Pan-Africa International African and Caribbean Film Festival and the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival are both great cultural events celebrating the diversity of this Canadian city and region while the Black & Blue Festival is a celebration of gay, bisexual, and transgender culture in Montreal.

Additionally, the Big Fashion Sale offers a chance to purchase samples and liquidated inventory of some of Quebec's biggest fashion designers for discount prices and the ​Montreal Classical Guitar Festival invites guests to celebrate the musical tradition of guitar in Canada.