Money Saving Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels in New York City

Money Saving Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels

The definitions of a budget room are stretched in Manhattan and all of Greater New York. Real estate is expensive and taxes are relatively high. If you budget for the difference and find value for the amount you spend on a room, you will do well. Take a look at three levels of budget lodging in Manhattan, and then look at some other options for an affordable New York stay.

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Cheap Hotels in New York -- An Overview

Location counts for a lot when you book accommodations in Manhattan.
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Planning a visit to New York? You might have to adjust your notion of what constitutes a bargain room rate. Find out the average cost of a room in Manhattan and then consider three types of budget hotel rooms available in the Big Apple.

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No Frills Choices

The RIFF Chelsea is an example of New York hotels that provide location and no-frills accommodation at a low price.
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The lowest prices you'll pay for a room in Manhattan do not have to include unsafe or unclean accommodations. One example of a place that's clean, safe and often booked solid is the RIFF Chelsea (formerly Chelsea Star). Don't despair if this place has no vacancy during your visit. There are other small hotels you can stay at the bottom of the price scale that offer the same no-frill benefits.

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Added Comfort on a Budget

There are budget hotels in nice New York City neighborhoods that provide great locations and reasonable room rates.
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Need more comfort than a basic budget hotel provides? The next level of accommodation might include an elevator and a private (but small) bathroom. Manhattan neighborhoods are home to hotels like Park 79 that have been converted from apartments to "boutique hotels." They're not luxury, but they come in at prices near or slightly below the average cost of a room here.

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Three-Star Value on a Budget

The Bedford Hotel offers comfort and value for a mid-range price in Manhattan.
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Read about the Bedford, a hotel that would not fit the "budget" description but offers value for average to slightly above-average room rates. Hotels of this type offer their guests upscale dining, room service and excellent locations in the city without charging $800/night.

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New Jersey Hotels for a New York City Visit

Newark and the Meadowlands areas provide cheaper hotel alternatives in the New York City area.
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With strong transportation connections to Manhattan, both the Meadowlands and Newark Airport areas are worthy of consideration for budget travelers who don't want to pay Manhattan hotel rates. Take a look at one chain hotel near Newark Airport that is sometimes available at just more than $100/night.

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More Manhattan Resources

Times Square, New York City, New York
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Read some suggestions that go beyond the three types of Manhattan hotels: options in New Jersey (closer than you think) and information from other About Guides for saving money on hotel stays in the Big Apple.

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