Modified American Plan for Hotel and Resort Guests

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The Modified American Plan, sometimes abbreviated as MAP in hotel listings, means that the quoted rate includes two meals a day, including breakfast and either lunch or dinner. In the Modified American plan, these meals are provided on site and in the hotel dining room.

Some hotels offer guests the option of being on the American Plan, a Modified American Plan, or paying a la carte for food consumed in their facility. Travelers choosing a hotel in a remote location where there are not many restaurants — or none at all — are best served by choosing a hotel that offers at least a Modified American plan.

In Europe and some other countries, the Modified American Plan may be referred to as Half Pension or Half Board.

What are the Advantages of the Modified American Dining Plan?

  • It should be cheaper than the three-meals-a-day American Plan. If your hotel also offers the latter, compare the difference to know if you're really saving money by skipping a hotel meal.
  • It gives you the freedom to try other restaurants. So take the opportunity to try something completely different from the fare served at your hotel.
  • You have the convenience of knowing where your meals will be provided. If you're not foodies and the property offers a variety of dishes, you may be perfectly happy eating there every day.

What are the Disadvantages of the Modified American Dining Plan?

  • It squelches your sense of dining adventure. When you know you've already paid for a meal, it seems wasteful to search for and eat some place else.
  • The food could be unappealing. While there's little a place can screw up when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner meals might not be to your liking. And if the menu is small and/or no substitutions are allowed, you're out of luck.
  • A boon for people with a small appetite. Not everyone starts the day with breakfast or wants to eat a full lunch. If you're a meal skipper, the Modified American plan will work for you.

    How to Get the Most out of a Modified American Dining Plan

    Eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel and lunch out. Here's why: In restaurants around the world, it's more expensive to order dinner than lunch. 

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