Missouri Sales Tax Holiday

Missouri Tax Free Weekend 2012:

Ahhh August...Back-to-School shopping, fall clothes...AND THE MISSOURI TAX FREE WEEKEND!

Fashionistas, shopaholics, and Back-to-School shoppers unite, it's time to take advantage of the Missouri Tax Free holiday. I've got the low-down on everything you need to know for the 2010 Missouri Sales Tax Holiday, August 3-5th, 2012.

What Does the Missouri Tax Free Weekend Mean?:

The Missouri Sales Tax holiday draws shoppers from around the metro and neighboring states who wish to take advantage of tax exempt purchases. Missouri instituted this wonderful holiday which begins at 12:01 a.m. on the first Friday in August and ends at midnight on the following Sunday. The holiday allows tax exemptions on certain back-to-school purchases--which include clothing, school supplies, computers and computer software. (PS No need to be in school to take advantage!)

What Items Are Tax Exempt?:

The sales tax exemption is limited to:


  • Clothing – Any article having a taxable value of $100 or less.
  • School Supplies – Not to exceed $50 per purchase
  • Computer Software – Taxable value of $350 or less
  • Personal Computers – Not to exceed $3,500
  • Computer Peripheral Devices – Not to exceed $3,500Be sure and consult the Missouri Department of Revenue for a complete listing of items that are Tax Exempt.
    • The Tax Free Confusion:
    • Some people are seriously mistaken by the statute and think that they may only be tax exempt on ONE item or combination of items equaling $100...oh, contraire mon frere!
    • There is no single limit at any retailer...so if you want to spend $400 tax free dollars at Banana Republic, another $350 at J Crew and then drop another $350 at Anthropologie, you are free to spend as much as you like! There isn't any limit, but no single item can exceed $100 (so that Prada bag is unfortunately OUT!).
    • Party Poopers:
    • Unfortunately for us, some cities and counties around the state choose not to participate in the Tax Free Holiday weekend. North KC, Platte Woods, Riverside, Platte City and Smithville are opting out in 2010. Branson, Columbia, and many places around the St. Louis metro alos opt out.
    • For a complete list of all counties and cities not participating, check the Missouri Department of Revenue official site.
    • Best Places to Shop:
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