Mimico Waterfront Park

Get to know Mimico Waterfront Park

Image of a man walking through Mimico Waterfront Park in Toronto
© Marilyn Campbell

Mimico Waterfront Park is a newer park located in South Etobicoke. Construction on the first phase of the park - which runs from the base of Norris Crescent to the base of Superior Avenue - was completed in 2008. The second phase of construction continued the park to have it meet up with the trail into Humber Bay Park West and was completed in the fall of 2012.

Created to improve the environment and provide better waterfront access in the Mimico neighbourhood of Toronto, the Mimico Waterfront Park offers 1.1 kilometres of paved waterfront trail, a boardwalk, a small bay and several unpaved side paths. There's also a sand dune feature and cobble beaches, plus a lookout deck.

Shoreline Creation and Restoration

A key part of the park's construction was done through lake-filling, a process which essentially creates new shoreline. A project of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the park's construction was used as an opportunity to create habitat for Toronto wildlife and restore the shoreline with native plant species.

A Trail Connection for Etobicoke

Along with providing a pleasant stroll for local residents, Mimico Waterfront Park serves as an important trail connection.

There is currently an off-road trail available to cyclists, rollerbladers, joggers and others, which runs west from Coronation Park (at the base of Strachan Avenue) across Toronto's waterfront before it ends at Humber Bay Park West. When Phase Two of Mimico Waterfront Park was completed, the off-road trail was continued west past Superior Park and Amos Waites Park to the Norris Crescent Parkette.

While in some ways this is a small extension, previously the best "trail connection" in this area was Lake Shore Boulevard West, a busy road. Now those wanting to travel by trail to or from the more western neighbourhoods of New Toronto or Long Branch (or the City of Mississauga) will only need to be on a major roadway for about half the distance, before they can connect to the quieter Lake Shore Drive using First Street in New Toronto.

Part of Ontario's Waterfront Trail

The major east-west trail in the southern end of Toronto is the Martin Goodman Trail, which is part of the much longer Waterfront Trail which stretches all the way from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border, valong Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Learn about this trail network on www.waterfronttrail.org.

Getting to Mimico Waterfront Park

Running parallel to Lake Shore Boulevard West, Mimico Waterfront Park can currently be accessed by heading south from Lake Shore down Norris Crescent, Summerhill Road or Superior Avenue (which are all east of Royal York Road). The park can also be accessed through Amos Waites Park, which is at the base of Mimico Avenue. The 501 Queen streetcar stops at all of those streets.

For those driving into the area, there is often street parking available nearby, or there's a Green P lot on Primrose Avenue just north of Lake Shore Boulevard West.

Of course the park is ideal for those strolling or rolling through the area, and is near to some nice local coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses. To make a full day of it, explore the Mimico-by-the-Lake BIA's directory at www.torontolakeshore.org.