Milwaukee's Top 5 Instagrammers to Follow

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    Milwaukee's Top Instagrammers

    burger with melting cheese
    Well Plated by Erin

    These days it seems like everyone’s got an Instagram page to chronicle the beauty of life’s everyday moments, whether it blooms in the backyard or bites at a hot new restaurant. Fashion and architecture get a lot of play on Instagram, too, highlighting drool-worthy outfits and buildings alike. While many Milwaukee businesses and institutions do their part to upload a steady flow of images to their Instagram accounts, quite a few individuals are steadily gaining thousands of followers who want a sneak peek into their lens. Closely linked to their brands and identities, the following Milwaukee Instagrammers are ones you won’t not want to follow once you’ve clicked on a few of their shots. From food to fashion, here are the five top (and best) Instagrammers to follow—all have Milwaukee roots.

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    Erin Clarke

    Berry Parfait Yogurt Popsicles
    Well Plated by Erin

    Handle: Well Plated by Erin

    Number of followers: 26.1K

    Who: Erin Clarke, food-recipe developer

    Why worth Following: Clarke’s tight shots of food she’s cooked and baked will make your mouth water, including the one above of Berry Parfait Yogurt Popsicles. Recipes are sprinkled onto her website, with both the website and Instagram carrying her mantra of “making wholesome food taste incredible,” so you aren’t left hanging and can easily reproduce the goods in your home kitchen. Because she’s a transplant to Milwaukee, followers see the city through her fresh eyes. Blogging only for the last four years, which began as a hobby (under the now defunct title “The Law Student’s Wife,” her following has quickly grown, bolstered by her evolving love for all things food.

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    Kevin Miyazaki

    Behind the scenes at a Chicago restaurant - three chefs prepping
    Plate Photography

    Handle: _plate

    Number of followers: 2,763

    Who: Kevin Miyazaki, freelance food/restaurant photographer

    Why worth following: A former staff photographer for Milwaukee Magazine, and now with is own firm (Plate Photography), Miyazaki still gives ample love to Brew City (like ​this shot of oysters on a bed of hay at Milwaukee’s Arden) but also proves he knows the world’s gastronomy scene through artsy photos he’s taken while on assignment for top-notch magazines, like this cheeseburger with a knife stabbed into the bun at Au Cheval in Chicago or lobster with habanero pepper and cold herbal soup in Merida, Mexico. You’ll never look at food the same way again!

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    Drew Westphal

    pile of folded striped shirts

    Handle: Everydaydrew

    Number of followers: 46.7K

    Who: Drew Westphal, fashion-grammer

    Why worth following: Menswear and luxury products for hommes never looked this haute. Westphal—who grew up in a small Wisconsin town and now lives in Milwaukee—has the uncanny ability to create vignettes that tell a narrative, such as this one about “post 5 p.m. essentials”: a Mason-jar cocktail shaker, copper flask, cologne, whiskey, candle, and sunglasses. In another shot, he thoughtfully tucks a copy of Fast Company magazine into the arm of a block stripe button-down shirt. He gives props where it’s due, with a special love for Milwaukee-made products.

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    Nick Chipman

    Deep-Fried Qdoba Burrito

    Handle: DudeFoods

    Number of followers: 25.7K

    Who: Nick Chipman, food blogger

    Why worth following: Whether he’s tinkering in his kitchen (such as making the Deep-Friend Qdoba Burrito photographed here) or out on the town, Chipman’s photos and videos are all about comfort foods, whether it’s ribs at Texas Roadhouse or an ice-cream taco shell-crafted out of Cocoa Pebbles. He eats heartily on the road, too, like at Shake Shack in Vegas or Agora Café in Menomonee Falls, Wis. A word of warning, however: don’t follow this guy if you’ve got late-night hunger cravings and have either your favorite take-out places on speed-dial or a pantry full of cooking ingredients. Yes, he will make you that famished.

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    Timothy J. Reynolds

    sticker design for the Milwaukee Film Festival of a house with a fence in front
    Timothy J. Reynolds

    Handle: Turnislefthome

    Number of followers: 9,149 followers

    Who: Timothy J. Reynolds, 3D Illustrator

    Why worth following: Reynolds is a product designer with clients such as The North Face (making tents and backpacks with his designs), posting news about his work on his Instagram page. But he also takes amazing shots, such as this one of Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge, taken from a boat beneath. And he's worked with local orgs like the Milwaukee Film Festival. To get an insight into the mind of a 3D illustrator, he’s also generous enough to share photos of books he’s reading.