Milwaukee Festival Guide

A Guide to All Different Types of Festivals in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that loves to celebrate. When the snow is not flying, and the outdoor temperature has a high probability of being above 50 degrees, you can bet that there is probably some sort of festival happening. During the summer season, you probably have your choice of several on any given weekend. So no matter what your taste, from the laid back atmosphere of your neighborhood church festival, to the intense crowds of Summerfest, Milwaukee definitely has a festival or two that you'll want to get on your calendar.

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    Milwaukee Lakefront & Ethnic Festivals

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    The best known of all Milwaukee's many festivals are those that take place on the beautiful lakefront at Maier Festival Park. Many of these, with the exception of Summerfest and Pridefest, are ethnic festivals, but you can also find a smattering of great ethnic festivals elsewhere around the city as well. These festivals are usually pretty big, and offer up great people watching, as well a music, shopping and the chance to try some unusual fare.
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    Milwaukee Beer Festivals

    Milwaukee is a town of beer and a town of festivals. It's a great thing that these two items go hand in hand. And in a city where we celebrate everything, there are bound to be a few festivals devoted entirely to beer itself. And if you're in the mood for a festival come February, this is definitely your category, as these festivals can happen indoors at any time of year. Check out these beer festivals happening in or near Milwaukee to find one to check out.
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    Milwaukee may be a large city, but it still retains those little quirks that remind you how community-oriented this city can still be. A great example of this is the church festival phenomenon -- there is literally a church festival (or five) on any given summer weekend. These are generally smaller than your ethnic festivals, and closer in kin to the street party. Stop by any of the festivals on this list for a fun afternoon of food, games, music and more.
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    Neighborhood street festivals are a summer tradition in Milwaukee. Traffic is re-routed and the people take to the best street in their neighborhood for a full day of music, dancing, eating, drinking, wrestling, tomato throwing, Art Car racing, or whatever fun twist the particular street festival du jour wants to offer up. While the activities my differ a little at each fest, they all do have a few things in common - a lot of happy people, usually a lot of sunshine, and a lot of neighborhood fun.
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