Massachusetts Farm Celebrates Election Day with a Voting-Themed Corn Maze

"Vote 2020: The stalks have never been higher!"

Mike's Maze 2020: VOTE! The stalks have never been higher...

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Mike's Maze

23 S Main St, Sunderland, MA 01375-9505, USA
Phone +1 413-665-8331

It's almost Election Day, and what better way to honor our Founding Fathers than by exploring an a-maize-ing opportunity to celebrate the occasion?

Located in Sunderland, Massachusetts, Warner Farm has been creating corn art for about 20 years, using a grid system to design themed mazes that garnered widespread attention around the region and made national headlines. Past designs have included "Cornstock," in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, and the viral hit "Alice in Sunderland"—but in keeping with the upcoming election, this year's theme "Vote 2020: The stalks have never been higher!"

As you wind your way through campaign trails in the eight-acre maze, you’ll come across 16 polling places, each asking bipartisan questions such as “Do you believe that Election Day should be a national holiday?” and “Should the president be elected by national popular vote or through the electoral college?” You can cast your vote using one of 16 marbles handed to each group before entering the maze.

"There are no right or wrong answers in this game," says an instructional map. "Only your opinion!" You can see how others have voted through the clear ballot boxes, and Mike's Maze is updating the election results on their Facebook page throughout the month.

Polling place at Mike's Maze
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To visit, you will need to book your ticket in advance online; you must arrive at the maze during your ticketed hour. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for kids ages 5–12.

Other activities on offer include pedal carts for kids to take a spin around the "Presidential Election Race Track," shooting spuds at the "Pundit Potato Cannon Range," and munching on cider donuts and kettle corn at the Corn Café.

The maze is open until Nov. 1, so if you happen to miss out, there are several other nearby autumnal activities to enjoy, such as hiking Mount Sugarloaf and taking a fall foliage drive through the iconic Mohawk Trail.

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This Farm in Massachusetts Is Celebrating Election Day with a Voting-Themed Corn Maze