Disneyland Halloween Party

Oogie Boogie at California Adventure


Disneyland in Anaheim throws a Halloween party every year, and you're invited.

Traditionally the Disneyland Halloween Party happened in the Disneyland Park and was hosted by Mickey Mouse but the Disneyland Resort now mixes things up. Read on to find out about this year's festivities

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2020 Disneyland Halloween Party: Oogie Boogie Bash

World of Color Show during the Disneyland Halloween Party

 Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

The 2020 Disneyland Halloween party will happen in the California Adventure park hosted by Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas." The event is called Oogie Boogie Bash – A Disney Halloween Party.

It includes a World of Color show titled Villainous! and a stage show with Mickey Mouse, along with a Disney villains walk-through experience. Advance ticket purchase highly recommended.

Dates for the Disneyland Halloween Party

The party starts in mid-September and happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights through Halloween. Tickets are a little less expensive for the first few nights.

Tickets for the Disneyland Halloween Party

Everyone three years old or older needs a ticket. The best place to get them is through the Disneyland website. It's best to buy in advance because - and do it early before they sell out. Check out their website to buy tickets and get more information.

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What Is the Disneyland Halloween Party?

Only party ticket holders can attend the Halloween Party. Day guests will be asked to leave the park after the official party start time. After that, cast members and security may ask to see your wristband. That's how they know that you have a ticket for the event. The easiest way to avoid frequent questions is to make sure your band is visible, especially during the first couple of hours.

What's It Like?

The Disneyland Halloween Party is a fun, family-friendly event, a good place to enjoy the holiday without seeing even one drop of fake blood. Or hearing one terrified scream. Everyone is in a festive mood and lines at the rides are much shorter than usual.

If you arrive at early entry time (four hours before the party starts), you can enjoy the holiday decorations while it's still daylight. You can also use those hours to have fun in the park that isn't having a party.

About a third of the adults and more than half the kids who go to the Disneyland Halloween Party wear costumes. Many are clever, original ones that make you laugh and wonder how they thought up such a cute idea and the people-watching is the best of any time of year.

What Is There to Do?

Some annual pass holders go to the Disneyland Halloween Party several times in the same year. That might sound like overdoing it, but in fact, there's so much going on that you might not be able to pack it all into a single night, either.

Besides enjoying all the rides, watching the Halloween parade and fireworks display, you can enjoy the holiday decorations and even go dancing.

Scattered around the park, you'll find clusters of "treat trails" where you can collect enough sweet goodies to provoke an unscheduled trip to the dentist. Even the adults have a hard time resisting the Halloween ritual, holding out their bags and saying at the same time: "I don't know what I'm going to do with this." 

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Reasons to go to a Disneyland Halloween Party

It's a lot of fun, with family-friendly Halloween spirit and none of the chainsaw-wielding, fake-blood-spattering gore you'll find at other southern California theme park events.

The park will be at its least crowded. Attendance is limited, all the rides are open, and lines are short. So short that you won't even need to get out your MaxPass.

You can save money. You can buy a ticket for the Halloween party for the lowest price you'll pay for a Disneyland ticket all year long. The party lasts five hours. Ticket-holders can get in four hours before that. That gives you nine hours of Disneyland fun for less than the normal ticket price.

Adults and older kids can wear a costume inside Disneyland. The rest of the year, that privilege is reserved for children younger than 14 years old. Costumes need to be kid-friendly, non-offensive and safe, though.

You can watch a Halloween-themed parade and fireworks, and you can go trick-or-treating inside the park on "Treat Trails." You can dance until you drop and play until you're all tuckered out, too.

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Tips for the Disneyland Halloween Party

With strict attendance limits, the Halloween Party almost always sells out ahead of time. To make sure you can get in, buy tickets at least two weeks in advance. And if you want to go on a Friday or on October 31, do it as soon as they go on sale.

Adults can wear costumes (with some restrictions). Check the costume rules to be sure your attire meets the standards.

If you plan to go trick-or-treating, you'll get a bag when you enter, but bring a bigger one if you think you'll need it. The longest treat trails are at Innoventions and next to Rivers of America. The cutest one goes through Pixie Hollow.

Healthy treats are available (carrots, pretzels) if you don't want the sugary stuff.

The park closes to regular visitors when the party begins, and Main Street can get crowded as the day guests all try to get out at once. Take advantage of early entry and get in at least half an hour before the party's official start time.

Ride wait time apps stop working when the party officially begins and will show all the rides as closed. Lines will be so short that it won't matter, though. All the waits will be about 20 minutes or less shortly after the party starts.

Be realistic about your energy levels and how long the kids can have fun before they're too pooped to stay awake. Most adults and pre-teens can arrive three hours before the party and walk out just before midnight. It's a fun way to see and do as much as possible, but if you don't think you'll last that long, time your arrival and departure to maximize your enjoyment.

Ride lines cut off on the dot at the closing time, but the rides stay open to accommodate everyone who got in line before that. The shops also close quickly, especially the ones near attractions. Main Street shops stay open just a little longer. 

Some people like to get a hotel room near the park for this event. It gives you somewhere to change into your costumes and a nearby place to crash once the party is over. If you're thinking of doing that, you're not the only one. Reserve your room a month or so in advance for the best selection.

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Highlights from the DIsneyland Halloween Party

Scene from the Frightfully Fun Parade during a Disneyland Halloween Party

 Disneyland Resort

When you go to Oogie Boogie's Halloween Bash, be prepared for the scene. As soon as you enter, you'll see Carthay Circle’ transformed, with clouds of black bats circling the Bell Tower. You'll also find a headless horseman statue nearby.

Treats and Character Encounters

  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Transformed: Disney Villains create an enchanting world, twisting the forest into a hauntingly beautiful grove of color, sound, light, and shadow.
  • Immersive Treat Trails: There are goodies of course but even better, villains including Oogie Boogie and the Mad Hatter oversee the festivities from their thrones.
  • Character Encounters: Meet, greet and pose with some of Disney’s most popular Characters decked out in their Halloween costumes.

Shows and Parades

  • Frightfully Fun Parade: A spirited Howl-o-ween parade, where some of your favorite Disney Characters march in costume along with Villains and Characters from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Villainous: An event-exclusive show at the World of Color.
  • Mickey’s Trick & Treat Show: Mickey and his friends headline a live show filled with not-so-scary Halloween tales—at the Disney Theater in Hollywood Land.
  • DescenDance: On the Backlot of Hollywood Land you can dance with the Isle of the Lost dance crew.
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