Michigan Paranormal Groups and Urban Legends

Ghosts, Psychics, Haunted Houses, UFOs, and Ghost-Hunting Clubs

Detroit has some legendary spooky figures and UFO sightings, and there are people in Detroit who are interested in all of them. Some folks have witnessed phenomena, while others can communicate directly with ghosts and apparitions. Still others spend time investigating accounts.

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UFOs: 1897 Airships

Did you know that back in 1897 there were a host of "airship" sightings across Michigan? The blimp-like vehicles were 100-to-300 feet long and had flapping wings. One such vehicle landed in Reynolds, Michigan, and its unnaturally tall captain came out to meet the gathered earthlings.

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Metro Paranormal Investigations

Metro Paranormal Investigations (MPI) is probably the biggest ghost-hunting organization in Detroit and/or Michigan. Established in 2006, they offer private investigations and hold public and educational events.

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Michigan's Dogman

There is some question whether Michigan's version of a werewolf is real, imagined, or a prank that turned on its pranksters. When a Traverse City radio station attempted to create a werewolf legend as a prank, it turned out the joke was on them when reports of real-life encounters with such a creature surfaced. As it turns out, reports of a dogman-like creature riddle the history of Michigan's northern climes.

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Sleeping Bear's Daughter

The daughter of an Ottawa chief, Sleeping Bear, was so beautiful even the wind took notice, literally pushing her into an unfortunate romantic entanglement. Seeking to protect his daughter from other unworthy suitors, the Ottawa chief put her on an island surrounded by snakes in the middle of the Detroit River. Legend has it that she still roams on the island, Belle Isle. Depending on who you ask, she takes the form of either a woman in white or a deer.

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Red Dwarf

The red-faced, little gnome is a historic harbinger of bad luck. He dates back at least 200 years and leaves a trail of catastrophe for all who see him. Among his victims are Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, and General William Hull. His last known sighting was in 1976, which was followed by one of the worst ice storms on record.

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Etta Wriedt

Etta Wriedt was a turn-of-the-century medium. She was investigated by Arthur Conan Doyle and British journalist, W.T. Stead. In fact, over 200 sightings were recorded by Stead to chronicle her abilities. Wriedt did not utilize a lot of the props of the day; she neither went into a trance nor sat in a cabinet. She could, however, channel several spirits simultaneously and, sometimes, who spoke in languages unknown to her.

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Crying Woman of Indian Village

In a mansion on Seminole Street in Detroit's historic Indian Village, resides a woman who repeatedly acts out a scene from her life. Dark-haired and primly dressed, the woman walks down the stairs while crying, walks into the butler's pantry and then disappears. There have been many witnesses to the scene over the years, but no one has been able to intervene when she makes her mournful journey.

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Ghostly Talk Internet Show

Ghostly Talk is an Internet talk show devoted to all things ghost. The five-year-old show is run out of Fraser, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. Hosts "Skizz" and Scott L. interview paranormal experts to explore weekly subjects, including past lives, the demonic realm, shamanism, spirit photography, psychic detectives and ghost tech. Ghost societies from across the country check in often to share evidence collected through investigations.

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Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

Abby Cooper is a character in a series of books written by Victoria Laurie. Cooper is a psychic intuitive who lives and works out of Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. Cooper helps police with her psychic abilities. The books include Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye; Better Read Than Dead; A Vision of Murder; Killer Insight and Crime Seen.

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