Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the USA

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Michelin Restaurants in the USA

Earning a Michelin star is what every gourmet chef aspires to achieve. Ever since 1900 when the first Michelin Red Guide was released to help the newly mobile citizenry in France (thanks to the availability of the automobile) find unforgettable meals, chefs have clamored to be included in the tire manufacturer's restaurant guide.

For more than 100 years, Michelin-starred restaurants could only be found in France and various cities in Europe. In 2005, Michelin crossed the Atlantic, allowing for the first time its inspectors to review fine-dining options in New York City. Today, independent Michelin inspectors review restaurants in New York, San Francisco and the Bay Area, and Chicago.

What the Michelin Stars Mean
Michelin stars are ranked using the following criteria:

***Three Stars
The Best. "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!"

**Two Stars
"Excellent cuisine, worth a detour!"

*One Star
"High quality cooking, worth a stop!"


We hope these lists will help you plan a culinary itinerary for visiting New York City, Chicago, or the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on Michelin-starred restaurants as well as restaurants that have earned the Michelin "Bib Gourmand," an honor bestowed on restaurants serving exceptional meals for less than $40, visit Michelin's site.

  • Michelin Restaurants in New York City
  • Michelin Restaurants in San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country
  • Michelin Restaurants in Chicago
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Michelin Restaurants in New York City

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Please contact restaurants directly to make reservations.

 ***Three Star Restaurants

  1. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Chef César Ramirez: The restaurant is described as "inspired by Japanese cuisine and French technique." They offer a communal dining experience and a tasting menu.
  2. Eleven Madison Park, Chef Daniel Humm: This restaurant focuses on seasonal ingredients and the menu changes based on what is fresh and local. 
  3. Le Bernardin, Chef Eric Ripert: known for their fish. 
  4. Masa, Chef Masa Takayama: Inspired by his work in Japan, Chef Masa Takayama focuses on the beauty of eating and incoporating all elements and senses into his food. 
  5. Per Se, Chef Thomas Keller: Per Se offers a nine-course tasting menu daily using classic French technique. They also offer a nine-course vegetable tasting menu for vegetarian guests.

**Two Star Restaurants

  1. Aquavit (previously one star): Aquavit is famous for their seasonal tasting menu and fresh, local cuisine.
  2. Atera: Their website describes their menu as "a highly seasonal and continuously sensory tasting menu experience." 
  3. Atomix: Korean-fusion
  4. Daniel, Chef Daniel Boulud (previously three stars): Daniel offers seasonal meals and world class wine pairing with each dish.
  5. Gabriel Kreuther: Contemporary
  6. Jean Georges, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten (previously 3 stars): Chef Jean-Georges focuses on a unique combination of French, Japanese, and American cuisine.
  7. Jungsik (previously one star): Jungsik offers a unique tasting and full menu specializing in Korean cuisine featuring meat and fish.
  8. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon: French
  9. Momofuku Ko: Ko serves a tasting menu based on local market availability. Each menu features several courses.
  10. The Modern: The Modern is a contemporary American restaurant at the MOMA that offers the ability to enjoy delicious food while looking out at the works of famous artists such as Matisse and Picasso.
  11. Uchu: Japanese

*One Star Restaurants

  1. Agern: Agern is a seasonal-driven restaurant that features local ingredients in the Nordic tradition. 
  2. Ai Fiori: This menu features hand-made pastas, seasonal ingredients, and traditional regional dishes from France and Italy. 
  3. Batard (new): Batard offers fixed priced menus for two, three, or four courses and has a large variety of meat and fish. 
  4. Bar Uchu: Japanese
  5. Benno: Italian
  6. Blue Hill: Blue Hill offers American cuisine from local farmers and occupies a historic speakeasy in Manhattan.
  7. Carbone: The restaurant offers Italian-American cuisine paying homage to the "great Italian-American restaurants of mid-20th century in New York."
  8. Casa Mono: Casa Mono is a tapas restaurant inspired by Spain’s Costa Brava. 
  9. Caviar Russe: Caviar Russe is known as the best caviar restaurant in New York. 
  10. The Clocktower: Contemporary
  11. Contra: Contra has an ambitious menu with local and seasonal ingredients. 
  12. Cote: Korean
  13. Crown Shy: Contemporary
  14. Del Posto: Del Posto boasts exquisite Italian cuisine and a world-renown wine list. 
  15. Estela: Contemporary
  16. The Four Horsemen: American
  17. Gramercy Tavern: Contemporary
  18. Hirohisa: Hirohisa delivers countryside regional Japanese cuisine to New York City.
  19. Jeju Noodle Bar: Korean
  20. Kajitsu: This Japanese restaurant offers shojin cuisine, a traditional "type of vegetarian cooking that originates in Zen Buddhism."
  21. Kanoyama: Japanese
  22. Kosaka: Japanese
  23. L'Appart: L'Appart is a French restaurant with the feel of a "chef's living room". Each night the restaurant will serve one-of-a-kind, multi-course meals. 
  24. Le Coucou: French
  25. Le Grill de Joel Robuchon: French
  26. Le Jardinier: French
  27. The Musket Room: The Musket Room brings food and the spirit of New Zealand to NYC.
  28. Marea: Seafood
  29. Noda: Japanese
  30. NoMad: Contemporary
  31. Odo: Japanese
  32. Okuda: Japanese
  33. Satsuki: Japenese
  34. Sushi Amane: Japanese
  35. Sushi Ginza Onodera: This New York sushi spots offers the unique promise of creating drama with each sushi dish. 
  36. Sushi Inoue: Sushi Inoue focuses most on staying true to Japanese tradition.
  37. Sushi Yasuda: Sushi Yasuda focuses on classic sushi and purity of each meal.
  38. Sushi Nakazawa: Japanese
  39. Sushi Noz: Japanese
  40. Tempura Matsui: Tempura Matsui is an authentic tempura restaurant in the heart of New York. 
  41. Tuome: Fusion
  42. Wallse: Austrian
  43. ZZ's Clam Bar (new): ZZ's Clam Bar has a small menu with various clam and fish dishes. 

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Michelin Restaurants in San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country

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For more information, order the Michelin Red Guide San Francisco, Bay Area and Wine Country.

Please contact restaurants directly to make reservations.

***Three Star Restaurants

  1. Atelier Crenn: Contemporary
  2. Benu: Benu is a Korean restaurant with a unique full tasting menu.
  3. The French Laundry: This restaurant's menu changes daily but they are always committed to creating excellent, traditional French cuisine.
  4. Manresa: Manresa offers an ever-changing nightly tasting menu with the finest seasonal produce.
  5. Quince: Quince offers Italian and French dishes made with local produce.
  6. The Restaurant at Meadowood: This restaurant hopes to create relationships with the locals--those that eat there and those that help to create the food. 
  7. SingleThread: Contemporary

**Two Star Restaurants

  1. Acquerello: Acquerello offers unparalleled Italian food in San Francisco's Nob Hill.
  2. Campton Place: Campton Place offers a unique blend of Cal-Indian cuisine.
  3. Californios: Californios focuses on using pure and simple ingredients that are full of flavor.
  4. Coi: Coi offers a tasting menu each night of the freshest seafood.
  5. Lazy Bear: Lazy Bear is self-described as an "American dinner party."
  6. Saison: Saison is a cozy and intimate restaurant with an incredible wine cellar.

*One Star Restaurants

  1. Al's Place: Al's offers a unique combination of fresh vegetables, meats, and local grains.
  2. Angler SF: Contemporary
  3. Bar Crenn: French
  4. Birdsong: American
  5. Gary Danko: Gary Danko features classic French cooking with local ingredients and impeccable service.
  6. Hashiri: This restaurant focuses on the Japanese tradition of utilizing fresh ingredients from each season. 
  7. In Situ: International
  8. Ju-Ni: Ju-Ni is committed to "crafting moments that transcend."
  9. Keiko à Nob Hill*: This restaurant features some of the freshest fish in San Francisco. 
  10. Kinjo: Japanese
  11. Kin Khao: Kin Khao features unique Thai food with various vegan and vegetarian options.
  12. Lord Stanley: Lord Stanley offers simple European cuisine in a casual atmosphere.
  13. Luce: Luce features seasonal and local ingredients in each dish but they are best known for their wine program.
  14. Michael Mina: Michael Mina is known for their "bold yet balanced" flavors and their perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, spice, and richness.
  15. Mister Jiu's: Mister Jiu's chef focuses on delicious meats and inspiration from all over the world. 
  16. Mourad: Mourad is a modern interpretation of historical and traditional Morocco food. 
  17. Octavia: Octavia features food in an elegant but relaxed setting. 
  18. Omakase: Omakase traditional Edomae-style sushi with the finest seafood. 
  19. The Progress: The Progress is all about banquet cuisine with perfect wine pairings.
  20. Rich Table, Contemporary
  21. SPQR: SPQR is an Italian restaurant with possibly the best wines in the USA.
  22. Sons & Daughters: Sons & Daughters is most influenced by the seasons and the surrounding Bay Area culture.
  23. Sorrel: Californian
  24. Spruce: Spruce is all about meat and wine and creating a neighborhood atmosphere.
  25. State Bird Provisions: State Bird Provision has perfected serving quail.
  26. Wako: Wako features traditional Japanese cuisine in all of its forms. 

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Michelin Restaurants in Chicago

Please contact restaurants directly to make reservations.

***Three Star Restaurants

  1. Alinea: Alinea focuses on being a juxtaposition between traditional, classic architecture and contemporary, modern design. 

**Two Star Restaurants

  1. Acadia: Acadia features contemporary American cuisine and five and 10-course tasting menus.
  2. Oriole: Oriole is a hidden gem of a restaurant in downtown Chicago. They feature an extensive tasting menu. 
  3. Smyth: Their website describes Smyth as: "When it comes to Smyth, expect surprises. It is a confluence of warmth, vitality and artistry."

*One Star Restaurants

  1. Band of Bohemia: Band of Bohemia is the first Michelin rated brew pub in the world.
  2. Boka: Boka is known for their exquisite chefs, beautiful design, and warm hospitality.
  3. EL Ideas: EL Ideas is attempting to redefine fine dining by bringing a casual, comfortable vibe to upscale meals. 
  4. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a self-taught chef who emphasizes the fresh farm ingredients from her upbringing. 
  5. Elske: Contemporary
  6. Entente: Contemporary
  7. Everest: Everest features many vegetarian and seasonal tasting dishes. 
  8. Goosefoot: "Carefully sourced ingredients and perfectly executed technique are the basis for exceptional dishes." Each menu is seasonally inspired. 
  9. Kikko: Asian
  10. Mako: Japanese
  11. Next: Contemporary
  12. North Pond: North Pond has one of the best views of Chicago and offers delicious seasonal tastings. 
  13. Omakase Yume: Japanese
  14. Parachute: Parachute's menu changes daily and offers fresh seafood dishes.
  15. Schwa: Schwa has a fluid menu with multiple courses. It's a hole in the wall spot that once you enter, you'll never forget.
  16. Sepia: Sepia is an instant classic with a warm and inviting but upbeat atmosphere that focuses on the quality and purity of their ingredients. 
  17. Spiaggia: Spiaggia sets a new standard for creative Italian cuisine. The restaurant creates a sense of Italy's heritage and culture.
  18. Temporis: Contemporary
  19. Topolobampo: Topolobampo is a serious and elegant Mexican restaurant with unique, regional Mexican dishes.
  20. Yugen: Contemporary
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