Every Restaurant in the US With at Least Two Michelin Stars

Eleven Madison Park in New York
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Foodies often toss around the term "Michelin-starred chefs" or "Michelin-starred restaurants." You might not be entirely sure why Michelin is awarding stars to restaurants—especially if you're thinking about tires—but this prestigious rating is one that recognizes some of the best restaurants in the world.

What Are Michelin Stars?

The Michelin tire company launched guidebooks in the 1900s, which included ratings of restaurants from anonymous reviewers. Even today, Michelin relies entirely on a full-time staff of anonymous reviewers to put together its restaurant reviews. The company reviews restaurants in dozens of cities across the world. 

Restaurants are awarded zero to three stars, with three stars being the highest possible rating, indicating a restaurant with exceptional cuisine that is worth traveling for. These stars are so coveted because the vast majority of restaurants receive no stars at all, making Michelin stars a completely different rating than, say, Zagat or reader-driven sites like Yelp. Just inclusion in a Michelin Guide as a Michelin Plate designation is a noteworthy accomplishment. The guides also designate the ranking of Bib Gourmand to some restaurants that don't earn stars but offer a worthwhile meal at a great price.

Michelin currently reviews four regions in the United States: New York, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and California. However, a vast majority of included restaurants are in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles County, and the Bay Area. The guide will also expand to include Miami, Orlando, and Tampa at some point during 2022.

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New York's Michelin Stars

As New York City is the largest in the country and it's no surprise that it also has the most starred restaurants. In 2022, 66 restaurants in New York state received a Michelin star rating (all but one of which are in New York City), and a handful earned those coveted three stars.

Two-Star Restaurants

Three-Star Restaurants

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Chicago's Michelin Stars

In 2022, the Michelin Guide handed out stars to just 23 Illinois restaurants, all located in Chicago, and only one restaurant received three stars. But Michael Ellis, Michelin's former international director, heaped praise on Chicago's restaurant community in past years. “There are a lot of really interesting things going on; there are great chefs out there, and the audience is out there," he said. "They really like innovation in Chicago.”

Two-Star Restaurants

Three-Star Restaurants

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Washington, D.C.'s Michelin Stars

The nation's capital is also a culinary capital with 23 Michelin-starred restaurants in 2022. That said, there are only a few two- and three-starred restaurants to visit.

Two-Star Restaurants

Three-Star Restaurants

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California's Michelin Stars 

The abundance of fresh produce, creative chefs, and strong kitchen techniques make the state of California a favorite among fine diners and full of Michelin-starred restaurants. The state has a whopping 89 Michelin-starred restaurants, most of which are clustered in the Bay Area followed by Los Angeles county and Napa & Sonoma counties. Napa & Sonoma received two three-star designations while Los Angeles got zero once again

Two-Star Restaurants in Los Angeles County

Three-Star Restaurants in Napa & Sonoma

Two-Star Restaurants in the Bay Area

Three-Star Restaurants in the Bay Area

Two-Star Restaurants in the Rest of California