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Over the past 25 years, Smitty has grown into an icon of the Gospel Music Industry.
He has shared his troubled past freely, his belief in himself, his faith and, of course, his incredible musical talent. This performers style has inadvertently motivated thousands of people.

His openness about his troublesome past and humble beginnings have inspired many people, across the entire country, to strive to find and take their own path in life to where ever it may lead.

Being true to himself has helped make this tremendously talented Gospel Musician the icon that he has become; overcoming a multitude of personal and professional obstacles. He never ceases to amaze our local Middle Tennessee community, always giving and investing more and more in the local community, to struggling musicians from all walks of life, as well as many others he comes in contact with.
Smitty is very involved in Christian Music Industry, which along with the Country Music Industry, is centered right here in Nashville. In the past, he has performed concerts and even prayer services in Nashville, on a regular basis, with a lot of these even being free and open to the general public.

Michael has continuously involved himself within the Nashville community over and over again. Michael W. Smith has made his family home in the community of Franklin Tennessee, just south of Nashville. His goodwill is felt immensely throughout the area.

His Many Local Contributions

  • Rocketown, formally located at 401 Sixth Ave. S. in the heart of downtown Nashville is one of the only venues of it's kind it the city. The old 1950's era, 38,000 square-foot warehouse, has been magically transformed into a teen nightclub, within its walls it offers a coffee shop, performance stage and indoor skating as well.
  • Rocketown Records, Located at 2035 Mallory Lane in Franklin, opened in 1996. A record label with a sense of morality, integrity and family! Rocketown Records still Maintains its original family spirit.
  • New River Fellowship Church started out as a spiritual gathering in non-conventional worship setting. The fellowship services were once held at the Smiths Family Farm until the growth of the fellowship expanded into a full church congregation. Now services are held at the local YMCA.
  • The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1967, and has a long history of preserving the historic resources of Franklin and its surrounding areas. The Heritage Foundation started with a group of citizens with vision who wanted to protect the historic resources in the area. Although Michael didn't create this organization, he is an active member.

A List of Michael W. Smith Books

  • Friends are Friends Forever
  • I Will Be Your Friend
  • Old Enough to Know - updated edition
  • The Price of Freedom
  • This Is Your Time Worship
  • Your Place In This World
  • It's Time to Be Bold
  • Other Books With MWS
  • She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall
  • What's in the Bible For...: What's in the Bible for Teens?
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel

Michael W. Smith Websites

Nashville is home to many famous people, but few have contributed so selflessly of their time and energies as Michael W. Smith has done and continues to do.

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