Michael Hiller: Dallas Writer and Expert on Food, Golf, Travel

Dallas-based journalist's beats Include travel, food, wine, golf, more

Golf course in Scotland
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Michael Hiller: This Guy Seems to Be Everywhere at Once

Dallas-based Michael Hiller is one of those journalists whose byline you see everywhere: in Dallas newspapers and websites, in airline magazines, in golf publications, and in photography glossies.

But what's even more remarkable than Mike Hiller's ubiquity is his range of subjects. Beyond his travel smarts, Mike is a food writer, reviewer, and photographer whose specialty is meat. (And no one takes better pictures of a sizzling steak than he does.)

Not all food writers are experts as well in wine, spirits, and beer. But Mike is, and he will give you a more creative answer to the usual question of what wine to order with your beef. It's not always Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wait, there's more. Mike is a devoted and skilled golfer who writes in detail about every aspect of this mystical pursuit. And this journalist is also an observant travel writer who reliably captures the essence of his story subject, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, cruise, tour, festival, or whatever else is going on in his chosen destination.

What's Mike's favorite kind of hotel? You guessed it: a golf resort (and one with a steakhouse is even better). When he travels, Mike packs his golf clubs (including his trusty seven iron) -- and his Canon camera and lenses. (A tripod? That depends on the assignment, and the golf course terrain.)

Mike is a former restaurant critic for two of Dallas' highest-profile media outlets: The Dallas Morning News and Modern Luxury Magazine. He now writes for more than a dozen local, Texan, and national publications.

Mike has created a must-read Dallas publication of his own. He is the founder and editor of EscapeHatchDallas.com. This colorful website, which posts new content every day, provides its avid readers in "the Big D" with news, reviews, commentary, word-of-mouth, and vibrant photos about everything you want to know about that's happening in Dallas. The site's specialty focus is this blooming city's exploding food scene: restaurants, bars, markets, distilleries, pop-up eateries, food trucks, and dining festivals.

(And if it's something else, Mike knows about it.)

Mike is an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers and of the Golf Writers Association of America. In the world of travel writing and editing, everyone knows and likes Mike.

Here's Mike Hiller's Latest on Luxury Travel : a knowing appraisal of an appealing yet gently priced Caribbean resort, Radisson Blu St. Martin (this story sheds light on Mike's trademark test of a hotel's housekeeping chops: his not-so-top-secret "thread test"; can you guess what that involves? See if your instincts are correct)

Another popular story is Mike's insider look at (and great photos of) the world's most deluxe car show, held every August, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance (in which Mike chats up and photographs a certain well-known vintage car and golf aficionado, some guy named Jay Leno.


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