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Hailing a cab can be a challenge in South Florida, but travelers looking for a taxi in Miami are in luck. Whether you are looking for a cab at the Miami International Airport, in downtown Miami, or in the suburbs, it's possible to find a taxi at specific stand locations, through taxi services, and by phone. You can also check out other options like Uber and Lyft.

Recognizing a Licensed Miami Taxi

It's important for visitors to always ensure they are using a licensed Miami taxicab. Unlicensed taxi services are illegal and present a risk to a traveler's safety if used. Here are some tips on identifying a licensed Miami taxicab:

  • Ensure the taxi cab driver is registered and that the cab is officially licensed. This can be identified by noticing the decal or license number outside of the cab itself. Additionally, the taxi cab driver must include a photo and number for the registration in clear sight of the cab's dashboard.
  • It is mandatory for all taxis in the Miami-Dade County to own a SunPass. Passengers are responsible for paying any tolls incurred during their trip, however, the lowest and discounted rate will be applied.
  • When paying by cash or check, travelers will receive a discount of $2.70.
  • The amount passengers must pay will be displayed on the meter if there is no flat rate. Charges per passenger or for baggage is not allowed. The meter begins as soon as the taxi cab starts the trip to the requested destination.

Miami Taxi Fares

Generally speaking, Miami taxis run at metered rates. The meter should always display the fare that the traveler is being asked to pay. Meter rates for taxis in Miami are subject to change but are last shown to be $2.95 for the first 1/6 mile. Then, it is $0.85 for each additional 1/6 mile until 1 mile, finally dropping to $0.40 for each 1/6 mile after that. You will also be charged $0.40 for each minute spent waiting and a $2 fee for rides originating at the airport.

There are also flat rates that apply for fares in a number of regions. Taxis charge an average flat rate of $32 to South Beach and $21.70 to downtown, for example. Flat rates also exist for taxi rides to/from Miami International Airport, and there is no charge to share a cab. Going to the Port of Miami from the Miami International Airport will cost a $27 flat-based rate, for instance. While tipping is entirely optional for those traveling, a 10 to 20 percent gratuity is customary for good to excellent service.

Miami Taxi Stand Locations

Those looking for a taxi can often find several waiting at any of the Miami taxi stand locations throughout Miami, Miami Beach, and the rest of South Florida. These business locations are generally open 24 hours a day for travel convenience.

Miami Taxi Services

Travelers who prefer to phone for a cab can try any of the following Miami taxicab services:

  • Miami-Dade Taxis
    • ( 305) 551-1111
  • Flamingo Taxis
    • (305) 599-9999
  • Yellow Cab
    • (305) 777-7777
  • Rickenbacker Taxi
    • (305) 365-0000
  • Super Yellow Cab
    • (305) 888-7777
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