Miami Dade Public Schools Vacation Calendar

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The first day of school may be one of the most dreaded days of the year for students clawing on to the last days of summer break. It usually means it's time to hit the books, turn in that homework, and keep up the grades.

The Miami Dade County Public Schools district calendar includes important dates such as winter and spring vacations, religious holidays, federal holidays, and early dismissals days for public secondary school students.

Miami Dade 2017-2018 Schools Calendar

This information applies to all schools in the district. Days that apply only to particular school levels (such as secondary school early release days) are noted in the calendar. Dates that do not mention a specific school level apply to all Miami-Dade schools.

Date Event
August 17, 18 Teacher planning days, no students in school
August 21 First day of school
September 4 Labor Day (no school)
September 21 Teacher planning day, no students in school
September 23 Teacher planning day, no students in school
September 28 Secondary early release day
October 2 Teacher planning day; no students in school
October 27 Teacher planning day; no students in school
November 10 Veterans Day (no school)
November 22 Teacher planning day; no students in school
November 23, 24 Thanksgiving (no school)
December 10 Secondary early release day
December 25 - January 5, 2018 Winter recess
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no school)
February 19 Presidents Day (no school)
March 23 Teacher planning day; no students in school
March 26-30 Spring recess
May 30 Memorial Day (no school)
June 7 Last day of school
June 8 Teacher planning day; no students in school

School Absences

Parents should take the school calendar into account when planning family vacations and other events. Be aware that unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action against your school-aged children and that parents are expected to plan family trips and other absences on days that school is not in session. Read up on Miami Dade Public Schools' attendance policies to learn more.

School Closings

Schools may also close for unexpected reasons. In South Florida, the most common reason for a school closing is the issuance of a hurricane warning, although other severe weather and emergency situations may warrant an unexpected closing. In the event of a school cancellation, verify school status with local media outlets, who will carry current information from Miami Dade Public Schools and other area businesses and organizations. Do not rely on word of mouth or other unreliable sources for school closing information.

Rumors often spread throughout the district about students being dismissed from school for a variety of reasons. Outside of emergency situations, students are only dismissed from school on the dates indicated on the official Miami Dade Public School calendar.

Student Testing Calendar

In the new school year, not a single school day will go by in Miami-Dade County without a student somewhere laboring over some type of standardized test—for everything from deciding whether a third grader is promoted or a high school senior earns his diploma. Schools will experience a full 180 days of assessments, as many days as students will spend in school, according to the Miami Dade County Public Schools Testing Calendar.

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