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Whether you’re an experienced chef, kitchen gourmet or novice cook, you can always benefit from improving your cooking skills by taking a cooking class right here in Miami. Miami’s culinary academies and specialty programs offer a wide range of cooking education opportunities for aspiring gourmands.

Culinary Academy Programs

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense (well, maybe with a little fun thrown in!) culinary education, you might want to visit one of the major culinary programs in our area. The big hitters also offer weekend and weeknight courses aimed at adults who can’t get away in the middle of the day or aren’t interested in a full-bore academic program.

  • The Biltmore Culinary Academy, brought to you by the acclaimed culinary staff of The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, offers classes for adults and children. Recent course offerings include a Culinary Boot Camp, Disney Fondant Cupcakes, Steakhouse Favorites and a Baking Boot Camp.
  • MasterChef Miami, taught by the staff of Le Cordon Bleu, uses the format of the popular MasterChef reality television show to teach interesting cooking lessons. Students may choose to pay $99 for a single class, $479 for six classes, or attend an entire year’s worth of classes for $2,699.

    These programs are a great way to sharpen your skills and improve your work in the kitchen.

    Specialty Courses

    Miami also is home to a number of culinary specialty courses, taught by chefs who specialize in a particular cuisine or ingredient. For example, check out:

    • If you’re interested in Indian cuisine, check out the schedule of classes at Ayesha’s Kitchen. Her selection includes courses on traditional Indian cuisine, holiday entertaining, vegan/vegetarian foods, curries and more.
    • Wok Star Eleanor Hoh offers stir fry classes featuring her no recipe, no measuring, no stress approach to Asian cuisine.
    • Fairchild Tropical Gardens offers periodic cooking classes centered around ingredients found in tropical gardens. One must-see event is the International Mango Festival held each July.

      Each of these programs will provide you with something unique to add to your culinary toolkit.

      Kids in the Kitchen

      It’s never too early to get your children started cooking, especially if they show an interested in the kitchen. There are a couple of programs that offer children and teenagers the opportunity to develop their kitchen skills:

      • Chef Aliza offers private cooking classes in your home. You may choose from adult, kids & teens or mommy & me classes. She also will direct interactive cooking parties for kids and teens.
      • Cooking with Kids Miami offers Saturday classes for ages 3-6 and 7-13. Taught in six-week sessions, parents may choose to either pay $35 for a single course or have their child attend the entire session for a discounted rate of $150.

      Hopefully, this selection of cooking programs will help you find an opportunity that matches your needs and budget. Have fun in the kitchen!

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