How and Where to Park in Miami Beach

Info on Parking Garages, Lots, Meters, and How to Pay

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The city of Miami Beach makes it easy for visitors to find automobile parking with around 66 parking lots, 10 garages, and more than 10,000 parking meters.

The city has upgraded the public street parking infrastructure to allow motorists to pay by phone and not worry about the hassle of change, pay stations, or parking cards. Not only are these parking options affordable, but even will send mobile notifications that time is about to expire — and allow you can to increase the time on your meter via text message.

For those looking to spend a longer period of time in the area, there are lots and garages that offer hourly and day-rate flat fees. The cost of the parking meters varies by location based on popularity— a lot in the jam-packed South Beach area may charge about $4 per hour, while North Beach is priced at $1 per hour.

Handicapped Parking

If you have a valid disabled parking permit, you are allowed to park in any lot, garage, or meter for free with your hangtag permit displayed on your rearview mirror.


Miami Beach residents can get parking permits for their neighborhood. And, if you are a Miami Beach resident going to a different part of town, you can get a discount for parking in other parts of Miami Beach.

Pay By Phone

Through Parkmobile and ParkMe (via your phone's app store), two apps that the City of Miami Beach has partnered up with, you can pay for your meters, lots, and garages by smartphone. Meaning you no longer need to fumble with change at the meter or slide cards at a pay station. You can also start a parking session from within the comfort of your car at your parking spot. 

Parking Garages

Parking on Miami Beach is available at reasonable rates through a series of city-owned public parking garages. Most charge $1 per hour or a $15 flat fee per day. 

  • 200 7 Street, Miami Beach, FL (600+ spaces) 
  • 1301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (250+ spaces) 
  • 512 12 Street, Miami Beach, FL (100+ spaces)
  • 640 17 Street, Miami Beach, FL (1,400+ spaces)
  • 550 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (500+ spaces)
  • 1557 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (800+ spaces)
  • 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (550+ spaces)
  • 1755 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (650+ spaces)
  • 1900 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL (400+ spaces)
  • 400 West 42 Street, Miami Beach, FL (600+ spaces)

Surface Parking Lots

The City of Miami Beach operates 66 public parking lots located throughout the city. The rate varies but is nominal compared to private lots and garages.

Parking Meters

The city operates over 10,000 parking meters located throughout Miami Beach. The meters are in effect every day, including weekends. South Beach and East Middle Beach meters are in effect from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. West Middle Beach and North Beach meters are in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The 2019 rates for the meters are based on congestion pricing.

  • South Beach: $4 per hour (meter), $2 per hour (lots)
  • East Middle Beach: $3 per hour (meter), $2 per hour (lots)
  • West Middle Beach: $1 per hour (meter), $1 per hour (lots)
  • North Beach: $1 per hour (meter), $1 per hour (lots)
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