Miami Airport Transportation: Taxis, Shuttles and Parking at MIA

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Getting to or from Miami International Airport (MIA) can be a hassle. In this article, we will be taking a look at several of the transportation options available to you when you need to get a ride to or from Miami International Airport. After reading, you'll hopefully have more peace of mind and a better understanding of all your options for a stress-free (or low stress) experience on your way in or out of the Magic City.

Miami Airport Trains

Miami International Airport is served by the county's MetroRail system. A $2.25 fare will get you directly to or from the airport and any station on the Miami rail system. Check the MetroRail schedule online and give yourself ample time to arrive and settle in. There's nothing worse than a late or delayed train (or a close call) when you're in a hurry.

Miami Airport Taxis

Taxis are, by far, the most common means of getting to or from the airport if you don’t plan to drive your own vehicle. Taxis are easily available on the concourse outside of baggage claim and taxi fares run between $15-$45 for most destinations within Miami-Dade County. You can also arrange for Lyft or Uber pickup. Both rideshare services have pooling options that are more affordable than taking a taxi. If you do opt for a pooled ride, make sure to leave an extra 30 minutes or so sooner than you had planned on heading out just in case there's a delay with another passenger or your driver.

SuperShuttle Shared Ride

SuperShuttle is a convenient, inexpensive way to travel to the airport via a shared ride van service. SuperShuttle vans are often less expensive than a taxi ride and service both Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Transportation is available 24 hours per day. Check the SuperShuttle website or call to book your shuttle and inquire about pricing and schedule.

Public Transportation

In addition to the MetroRail mentioned above, MetroBus also serves Miami International Airport. Check the MetroBus website for transportation schedules, closures and more.

Miami Airport Parking

Miami Airport is not the easiest place in the world to navigate. Driving into the airport presents challenges for drivers rushing to catch a flight and unwilling to spend an exorbitant amount of money on parking. Read more about parking at Miami Airport here. If planning to park at the airport, your best bet is to head out early. There are various parking lots to choose from. Typically, the further you get from the departure terminals the cheaper they are. Parking garages immediately in front of the airport are going to be more expensive, but just a walkway away from check-in.

Miami Airport Car Rental

There are a number of full-service rental car agencies serving Miami residents and visitors if you need to rent a car at Miami International Airport. There's also the option to pick up a ZipCar if you're a ZipCar member. Know that ZipCar charges a monthly fee and an hourly rate and you must return your ZipCar within the allotted time to the same place you picked it up. If you sign up for ZipCar before your travels, you won't have to pay the first month's fee. 

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