Metrocenter, An Indoor Shopping Mall in West Phoenix

Metrocenter Mall
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Number of stores at Metrocenter:

Metrocenter was the Phoenix area's first major 2 level mall, having been built in 1973. When it was built, it was the largest mall in America. There are over 120 stores and restaurants at Metrocenter.

Anchor or main stores at Metrocenter:

Dillard's, Sears

My favorite stores at Metrocenter:

Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, Footlocker, Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Restaurants at Metrocenter:

The usual assortment of food court selections. There are many restaurants around the perimeter of Metrocenter, like Texas Roadhouse, Chili's, Hibachi-San, Old Country Buffet and Olive Garden.

Worth mentioning:

Harkins has a 12 movie screens here. There is a children's play area at Metrocenter with a "Sky Mall" theme. Kids Club meets every second Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. near the food court.

The Phoenix Conservatory of Music is located onsite.

There are recruiting stations here for Army, Navy Marines and Air Force.

Before Arrowhead Towne Center in Glendale was built, Metrocenter was the only mall on the west side of town.

The street around Metrocenter, Metro Parkway, is a loop. In years past it a popular spot at night for unofficial street racing! The authorities have since cracked down on those activities.

Metrocenter location:

Metrocenter is located in Phoenix, Arizona west of I-17 between Dunlap and Peoria Avenues. Take I-17 (Black Canyon Highway) to Exit 208, Peoria Avenue (if approaching from the north) or Exit 207, Dunlap Avenue (if approaching from the south). Turn west. Access the mall from the circular Metro Parkway. The mall is very accessible by public transportation — bus, not light rail — making it popular with the younger crowd.

Points of interest nearby:

Castles & Coasters, an amusement park, is just off the mall near Dunlap. There are more stores on the perimeter of the mall on Metro Parkway, like Best Buy and Barnes and Noble. There is connecting bus service to Amtrak on Metro Parkway. The Phoenix Library has a branch here, too.

What it looks like:

Enjoy these photos of Metrocenter in the Shopping Mall photo gallery.


Stores and restaurants open and close, and mall programs and other features change from time to time. If you have specific questions about the mall, visit Metrocenter online or call them at 602-997-8991.

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