Metric Volumes Table - Volumes in Milliliters & Liters and Ounces & Gallons

Common Volumes in Milliliters & Liters and Ounces & Gallons

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Like most of the rest of the world, Canada uses the metric system (ahem, we're looking at you Mr. U.S. of A: an imperial system holdout.) Despite our proximity and many similarities to our American neighbour to the south, we do not use the same system to measure volume (or speed or weight for that matter).

Metric volume in Canada is measured mainly in millilitres and litres, yet you will find that many people are quite versed in using both gallons and litres.

In fact, Canadians still use ounces to measure certain things, like beverages. We do though measure gasoline at the pump in litres - not gallons. No matter which system you're using at the gas station, gas is way more expensive in Canada than in the U.S. so fill up accordingly. 

Milk, on the other hand, is sold by the litre, either in cartons or in individually clear plastic sealed bags that get put into a jug and cut to pour. Americans seem to get a kick out of this, but it is commonplace in Eastern Canada.

Other metric conversion tables:

Common Volumes in Canada

Volume MeasurementMilliliters or LitersOunces or Gallons
Carry-on luggage liquid allowance per container on airplanes90 ml3 oz
Can of soda or a mickey of alcohol355 ml12 oz
Bottle of wine or regular-size bottle of alcohol often referred to in Canada as a "twenty-sixer"750 ml25 oz
Large-size bottle of alcohol. Referred to in Canada as a "forty ouncer"1.14 liter39 oz
Largest bottle of booze - a "handle," or, in Canada, a "sixty ouncer"1.75 liter59 oz
Gas in Canada is sold in liters and is generally much more expensive than in the US.1 liter0.26 US gallon
Visitors from the UK should note that an Imperial gallon is slightly larger than a US gallon1 liter0.22 Imperial gallon