This Luxe Croatian Resort Is Heaven for Wine Lovers

The hotel's new winery opened on March 25

Aerial view of the Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery

Courtesy of Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery

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Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

Stancija Meneghetti 1, 52211, Bale, Croatia
Phone +385 52 528 800

Croatia has a long and illustrious history of producing excellent wine, and if you haven't tried it before, you've just found the perfect opportunity to hop on a plane and travel to the land of a thousand islands.

On March 25, Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery opened its own winery and wine complex in Istria, a peninsula in the north of the country. The 161,458 square-foot complex will include an assortment of experiences for guests to revel in, including two types of tasting rooms—a standard one, and a private VIP room. They're also making space for Meneghetti archive wines and olive oils, as well as a wine production site.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, while making these modern-style updates, is still focused on honoring its amazing past. The wine cellar is in the form of a military hangar; an homage to the historical forts surrounding the estate. The land was purchased after the Napoleon's wars, and Meneghetti realized that there were 6,000 soldiers stationed around his land who were in need of food. He built houses and barns, planted vineyards and olive groves, and raised goats and sheep, all on his land, and began selling products to those same soldiers. It wasn't long before he began hosting some of the Austro-Hungarian officers during their off time. It was then that Stancija Meneghetti's home began to have a reputation as one of the most beautiful estates on the Adriatic coast, and that reputation continued to blossom into what the hotel is today.

Meneghetti villa private pool

Courtesy of Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery 

meneghetti villa

Courtesy of Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery 

Exterior shot of the hotel Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery

Courtesy of Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery

The hotel itself is a 40-room boutique hotel built out of century-old stone, honoring the building's unique heritage. Meneghetti offers villas with either one or three bedrooms, a living room, terrace, and pool, perfect for larger groups or families; contemporary-designed residences, fitted with one or two bedrooms and a terrace with a garden; or standard rooms, which offer sweeping views of either the winery or the olive groves.

The wine, of course, is the ultimate draw to this beautiful estate. "The wines are produced using contemporary technologies that reflect the uniqueness of Istria, at the same time crossing the boundaries with its character and quality," it states on their website. Their olive oils, too, are made with hand-picked olives and have been referred to as some of the best olive oil in the world.

The complex opened for the season on March 25, 2022. To find more information, or book a room, visit the Meneghetti website.

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This Luxe Croatian Resort Is Heaven for Wine Lovers