Best Things to Do in Memphis in March

view of Memphis from the water
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Memphis in March is full of excitement. While temperatures are sometimes still cold and a threat of some sleet or snow still exists, the city generally is coming out of the winter doldrums in March.

Patio furniture at homes, restaurants, and bars get cleaned off, making way for outdoor dining and drinks. And in this basketball-crazed town, everyone is filling out March Madness brackets while keeping an eye on the Grizzlies and what place they maintain in the NBA playoffs standings.

Schools are on spring break, so parks and the Memphis Zoo are filled with laughter from those kids who aren’t able to head south to the beach.

The dogwoods are in bloom, which means North Parkway is in the process of turning from a dreary street to one filled with white blooms.

We love Memphis in March because it signals spring in the city is here and we’re ready to have fun. This list of best things to do in Memphis in March should have you in a springtime mood, too.


Even in down years for the University of Memphis Tigers, the city loves college basketball during March. When the Tigers are playing well and poised for a March Madness run, the city turns out in blue and gray to fill every sports bar in town. And when they’re not so great, well, we still wear our Tigers blue and gray as we crowd around the city’s TVs to enjoy NCAA Tournament action. And of course our Memphis Grizzlies are in action all month, giving us an extra reason to keep our hardwood passions going strong.

Patio Season

It’s hard for anyone living in the areas of the U.S. who are snowed in all winter to give Memphians much compassion, but in our own quaint way, winters aren’t that fun here, either. No, we don’t get a lot of snow to escape in the springtime. But as brutal as our summers are, we cherish spring. And the Memphis spring pastime is to sit on a patio on a sunny weekend afternoon. Whether it’s the patio at Wiseacre, one of the great spots in Midtown or along The South Main Street Trolley Line Downtown, the start of patio season is one of the best things to do in Memphis in March.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse for everyone around the world to party, so there really isn’t anything unique to Memphis about that. But we do have the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Beale Street and the raising of the goats at Silky O’Sullivan’s. And anytime St. Patrick’s Day can be mixed with a fun bar hop Downtown, it’s one of the best things to do in Memphis in March.

Flowers in Bloom

Take a stroll through the Memphis Botanic Garden or see the flowers begin to bloom at the Dixon Gallery and Garden. April really is when the flowers and trees hit full color, but March is when the dogwoods bloom and North Parkway is transformed into one of the most beautiful drives in the city in the spring, making it one of the best things to do in Memphis in March.

Parks Galore

As the temperatures warm even just a bit it’s time to head out to one of the city’s many parks. The Greensward at Overton Park will be home to loungers and kite flyers. Shelby Farms will be packed with bikers and runners. And the Shelby Farms Park Greenline will be the place for anyone who owns a bike in Memphis, making it one of the best things to do in Memphis in March.

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