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Property tax is a sore subject for many homeowners, but it can also be a confusing one. For those living in the Memphis area, property tax rates can be a bit different. Memphis is the largest city in Shelby County, but a large percent of the area's population live in the suburbs surrounding the city. Germantown and Lakeland are both popular suburbs, just a half hour east of Memphis. Shelby County also has its own government, and many of the suburbs have their own school systems as well. Because they're farther from the city center, taxes are slightly lower in the suburbs, so that's something to consider if you're moving to the Memphis area.

What Is Being Taxed?

In Tennessee, residential property taxes are only applied to 25 percent of the appraised value of your home and property. This 25 percent is called the assessed value. Residential properties are defined as single family residences, owner-occupied condominiums, and owner-occupied duplexes. (Commercial, industrial, farm, and exempt properties are taxed differently.)

An example of the assessment of a residential property is a home that is appraised at $100,000. This property will only be taxed on $25,000. You can calculate the assessed value yourself or you can enter your address at the Shelby County Property Assessor's website to find out your assessed value.

How Is It Calculated?

The tax rate of the county and the city in which you live is imposed on every $100 of the assessed value of your home. Using the example above, $100 goes into $25,000 250 times, so you would simply multiply your tax rate by 250.

What Is the Tax Rate?

Remember that there is a separate tax rate for the county and for each city within the county. The Shelby County tax rate for 2014 is $4.05. Each municipality has also had a city tax rate. These tax rates are as follows:

  • Arlington: $1.15
  • Bartlett: $1.83
  • Collierville: $1.83
  • Germantown: $1.95
  • Lakeland: $1.25
  • Memphis: $3.19
  • Millington: $1.53

So again, using the above example, if that $100,000 home is in Bartlett, the taxes would be calculated like this:

$100,000 / 25% = $25,000

$25,000 / $100 = 250

250 x $4.05 (county tax) = $1,012.50

250 x $1.83 (city tax) = $457.50


Depending on where you live in the Memphis area, you can follow these formulas to calculate your exact rate. As a reminder: These formulas are for county tax PLUS city tax. Note: The Shelby County Assessor of Property has an online calculator you can use to find out your tax rate. Simply enter the value of your property and county name. The calculator will determine both your county and city property tax.

  • Memphis resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $3.4
  • Arlington resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $1.15
  • Bartlett resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $1.62
  • Collierville resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $1.53
  • Germantown resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $1.93
  • Laketown resident: Assessed value / $100 x 4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x 0.85
  • Millington resident: Assessed value / $100 x $4.37 PLUS Assessed value / $100 x $1.53


Memphis is the largest city in Shelby County and has a population of just over 650,000 people. For Memphis residents, your taxes could look like this:

  • Appraised Value: $150,000
  • Assessed Value: $37,500
  • County Tax: $1,518.75
  • City Tax: $1,196.25

Germantown is a charming suburb east of Memphis. In the city center is the "Old Germantown" neighborhood, which has a 1948 railroad depot (a replica of the 1868 original). The population of Germantown is 39,000 people.

  • Appraised Value: $310,000
  • Assessed Value: $77,500
  • County Tax: $3,138.75
  • City Tax: $1,511.25

When Are Taxes Due?

Shelby County property tax bills are mailed in September and are due the first Monday in October. Payments are considered late after the last day of February the following year. For Memphis city property taxes, bills are mailed out in June and must be paid by August 31. For other due dates outside of the city of Memphis, visit the Shelby County Assessor of Property website.

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