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Melbourne Street Art Graffiti - Melbourne Alley and Art Graffitti

Kathleen Crislip

Vibrant is a word that applies to Melbourne, Australia -- the vibe on the clean streets is one of happening energy. Multiple movies have been filmed in Melbourne, art abounds, some nightlife has a highbrow-coffeehouse slant, and the hip wear black (think about it). You've got to stop by Melbourne if you're in Australia -- check out some Melbourne street photos to get the picture.

Melbourne encourages graffiti to a degree, thus there is great art graffiti to be seen in streets, like this graffiti alley in Melbourne.

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Melbourne Lane - Graffiti and Coffee

Melbourne - Coffee and Graffiti
c Kathleen Crislip 2006

In central Melbourne's tiny lanes, coffee dominates -- learn the order lingo if you want white with that espresso (below the photo)...

p][h3]How to Say Coffee in Australian[/h3] Of great interest to me in Oz was how one orders coffee down under. Australians, like any coffee lovers, have their own bean lingo, and a term to learn if you're ordering espresso in Asutralia: flat white. Like a latte, but less milk; foam is folded in to the hot milk and less foam left on top And cappuccinos down under always come with chocolate.

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  • Melbourne's Royal Arcade
  • Gog and Magog in Melborune's Royal Arcade
  • More Melbourne Street Art Graffiti
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Melbourne Royal Arcade

Melbourne's Royal Arcade
c Kathleen Crislip 2006

More about Melbourne arcades below this photo of Melbourne's Royal Arcade....

Melbourne arcades are indoor shopping streets, originally built wide enough to accommodate the voluminous skirts of ladies who shopped the lanes in the late 1800's. Wander downtown Melbourne between the "Magnificent Seven" arcades and the very cool little lanes for the busy downtown buzz. More photos and reading:

  • Hardware Lane and Melbourne Lanes
  • Gog and Magog in Melbourne's Royal Arcade
  • More Melbourne Lane Art Graffiti
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Gog and Magog, Melbourne Royal Arcade

Gog and Magog in Melbourne's Royal Arcade
c Kathleen Crislip 2006

Gog and Magog strike the time in Melbourne's Royal Arcade. Read the words on the sign underneath the photo.

The sign below the clock headed "Gog and Magog" in Melbourne's Royal Arcade reads thus:

  • (Left side) These two 7-feet giants have been striking the time on Gaunt's clock since 1842. They were carved from clear pine and modelled on the figures erected in Guildhall, London, in 1708 to symbolise the conflict between the ancient Britons and the Trojan invaders."(Right side) Mythology tells of the giants Gog and Magog (also known as Corineus and Gogmagog) having been captured in battle by the Trojans and made to serve as porters at the gateway of an ancient palace on a site later occupied by the Guildhall. It is traditional for Gog to stand to the north and Magog to the south.
  • Hardware Lane and Melbourne Lanes
  • Melbourne's Royal Arcade
  • More Melbourne Lane Art Graffiti
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Melbourne Street Scene

Ana Alarcon / © TripSavvy

Melbourne is clean, clean, clean and flower-bedecked year 'round.

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Melbourne Federation Square

Ana Alarcon / © TripSavvy

Melbourne's Federation Square is downtown's main meeting place. Choose from 15 fooderies or tour the Racing Museum or very cool National Design Centre.

Melbourne has a terrific art energy going on, and street performers are part of the scene. Lest you think they're just randomly unusually talented, know that city fathers require that street performers audition officially. Might be taking things too far, but the rule does make for true performances on corners and, certainly, at Federation Square, where someone's always doing something for the crowd.

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Melbourne Federation Square Tiles

Melbourne Federation Square Tiles
c Kathleen Crislip 2006

Federation Square's 7,865 sandstone tiles, which are laid on Kulin nation land, were quarried from Western Australia and make a gorgeous pattern from overhead.

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St. Kilda, Melbourne

St Kitt's Street Photo, Melbourne
c Kathleen Crislip 2006

St. Kilda, a district of Melbourne, is a fine place for backpackers to meet, party and lay heads on many, many hostel pillows.

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Flinders Street Station

Ana Alarcon / © TripSavvy

Flinders Street Station, like nearby Federation Square, is one of downtown Melbourne'smain meeting spots. And a fine place to dance and direct traffic.

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Southbank, Melbourne -- The Walk Along the Yarra River

Southbank, Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia
© Kathleen Crislip

Read about Southbank below this Southbank photo...

Southbank is the area of Melbourne along the southern bank of the Yarra River. Cross Princes Bridge, turn left and walk down the steps to the river. Southbank is a formerly dilapidated area recently renovated and now a hub of theater happenings and trendy restaurants. Check out the Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct, Melbourne's entertainment precinct, which is home to the Arts Centre and Hamer Hall (formerly Melbourne Concert Hall), and walk to the Southgate market at the eastern end of the riverbank walkway on Sunday mornings for a lot of homespun Australian goods.

  • Southgate Market Food
  • Bonsai Salesman at Southgate Market
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Southbank Market, Southgate, Melbourne, Australia

Southgate Market, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia photos
© Kathleen Crislip

Sunday mornings see the Southgate market on Melbourne's Southbank. Find loads of lovely homespun Australia goodies. Read more about Melbourne's Southbank...

More photos and reading about Melbourne's Southbank and Southgate market:

  • Melbourne's Southbank Walk
  • Bonsai Salesman at Southgate Market
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Melbourne's Prahran Market
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Hardware Lane, Melbourne

More info about Hardware Lane and Melbourne lanes below the photo...

*The* place to have breakfast in Melbourne, Hardware Lane is one of many rejuvenated Melbourne laneways where you'll find fun shops, eclectic restaurants, and the hidden but cool-clubs-of-the-moment (you may have to guess, but here's a hint: look up. Literally.) Hardware Lane's converted warehouses are a good spot to find outdoor gear, too; Cafe Miro and Invita (vegetarian) may be interesting dining choices.

  • Melbourne Lane Art Graffiti
  • Royal Arcade (learn about Melbourne arcades)
  • Gog and Magog in Royal Arcade
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Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne's queen of outdoor markets, is a must-do. More belwo the photo of an aisle in Queen Victoria market...

Queen Victoria market is a great place to idle away some hours any day of the week in downtown Melbourne, though Saturday morning is the peak time to see stuff and watch people. Think about taking the Victoria Market Foodie Tour to learn some history and munch some delectable samples in the Dairy Hall, fruit and veggie aisles (note the oldest tomato stand in Australia), and the Meat and Fish Hall.

The Queen Victoria Market is about two blocks from Melbourne's Nomads Hostel, a good place to base yourself in Melbourne.

I bought one of the cooler souvenirs of my life in the Queen Victoria market -- a didgeridoo made by Stan Yarramunua, Yorta Yorta man and wonderful artist. I shipped it home to the US via UPS (how would one carry a didgeridoo on a plane?) and thought I'd give it to my significant other as a Christmas gift surprise -- but it beat me home, and here's a clue regarding the surprise factor: UPS Australia ships didgeridoos in a didgeridoo-shaped box clearly and largely printed and labeled with, "UPS Didgeridoo Box."

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Prahran Market, Melbourne

Melbourne's Prahran Market
© Kathleen Crislip

Australia's oldest continually running market, Prahran Market has been on Melbourne's Commercial Road since 1891. More on Melbourne markets below the photo...

Do cruise down to Melbourne's Southbank on a Sunday morning and check out the homegrown Australia merchandise (often handmade) at the Southgate market. Queen Victoria Market is a must any day.

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Bonsai Trees in Southgate Market on Melbourne's Southbank

Bonsai Trees in Southgate Market on Melbourne's Southbank, marketplace on the Yarra River
© Kathleen Crislip

Bonsai salesman in Southgate. Learn about the Southgate market on Melbourne's Yarra River (homemade Australian goodies), or see more Melbourne market photos...

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