Meg Cotner

Meg Cotner is a writer focusing on the community of Astoria, located in the borough of Queens, New York City.


Meg has written about Astoria, NY, for over five years, and is an expert on the neighborhood. She served as the newsletter editor and blogger for the Hellgate CSA; wrote and edited the Queens real estate blog OuterB; and was a senior writer for the (now defunct) blog Joey in Astoria. She currently writes for We Heart Astoria, a neighborhood blog she helped found in 2010, as well as Harmonious Belly, a blog about traditional, whole foods.

Meg Cotner

Since moving to Astoria in 2005, I have developed a great fondness for this community, and am happy to call it home. The neighborhood has so much to offer - great food, diverse cultures, excellent shopping, the arts, and the magnificent Astoria Park, a gem in the NYC parks system. I look forward to sharing my love of Astoria with you.

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