Meeting People in Minneapolis and St. Paul

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New in town, want to make new friends, or looking for a date?

If you've heard the expression "Minnesota Nice" you might think that it's very easy to make new friends in Minneapolis. But the Minnesota Nice stereotype is of people who are polite in a reserved way and of Minnesotans not being the most welcoming to outsiders and newcomers.

But who fits stereotypes anyway? In reality, making friends and meeting new people is just as hard and just as easy as in other cities in the US.

Here are some ways to meet new people in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Meeting People and Making Friends

If you have hobbies or interests or would like to try out a new hobby or learn something new, there's probably a group or club in Minneapolis with regular meetings and events for you to meet like-minded people. No experience is necessary, just a desire to join in and learn. And many are free or have minimal dues to join.

Here are some suggestions:


Bakers can join the St. Paul Bread Club.

Comic book stores like Outpost 2000 in Coon Rapids have several weekly meetups and competitions for fantasy games fans.

Knitters can attend social knitting circles like the monthly one at Needlework Unlimited.

Gardening clubs are a great way for newcomers to the Twin Cities to find out what to grow in this climate. The Minneapolis Men's Gardening Club is actually open to those of both genders from anywhere in the Metro Area and has lots of events for meeting other gardeners and horticulturalists.


Lots of Minnesotans love their bikes, and there are several cycle clubs to join, for racing, mountain biking, and social rides. Minneapolis Bike Love is the place to go to find people who enjoy drinking beer while cycling, alleycat races, and bike polo.

The Minnesota Speleological Survey maps and protects Minnesota caves. And if you develop an interest in caving, it makes an interesting conversation topic for other social activities.

Curling is a popular sport in Minnesota, and if you join a curling league at the Dakota Curling Club, you can play year-round.

The Sitzmark Ski and Social Club offers members discounts on lift tickets at local ski areas and people to ski with.

The St. Paul Hiking Club tackles urban hikes several times a week, the Minnehikers hike at Minneapolis parks, and on trips around the state.

Art and Performance

Chick on Sticks is the Twin Cities all-female stilt walking group, and they can teach you how to walk on stilts too. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club is one of the largest in the nation and will teach complete beginners to ride well enough to be in one of the many parades the club rides in. In the Heart of the Beast puppet theater needs hundreds of volunteers in the spring to create puppets and decorations for their annual MayDay parade, one of Minneapolis' largest annual events.


Sign up for a volunteer opportunity with a local non-profit and do good, and meet other folks who want to help out others. There are plenty of organizations who would appreciate you contributing your time on a regular basis. Volunteer Match is a website full of local volunteer opportunities.

Churches often plan social events and offer volunteer opportunities, and employers often recruit employees for volunteer projects in the community.

Finding a Date

So you want to go the bar scene route? It does work for many, and here are some ways to meet people who might want to date you.

Joining a singles group like Events and Adventures, or the free Singles in the City will at least hook you up with other singles to go out, party, and do fun things with.

If you are heading out by yourself, try a concert at the Seventh Street Entry, a coffee at Anodyne Coffee House, or the Wilde Roast Cafe, all places you can visit by yourself without feeling intimidated for being solo.

Despite all this modern talk of equality of the sexes, there are still places you can have better luck than others finding single men or single women

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