Meet Me Downtown Phoenix

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    Walking Tour of Downtown Phoenix

    ••• Take a Walk in Downtown Phoenix. © Judy Hedding

    Mondays. Blech. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. But wait….you live in Phoenix? You are in Phoenix on business? You are visiting Phoenix on vacation? Mondays just got a whole lot better.

    In November 2014 the City of Phoenix introduced a new opportunity to get to know the downtown area in a healthy and social manner. Meet Me Downtown invites people of all ages, including families and even their four-legged friends, to walk or run a designated route on Monday evenings. The entire walk is just over 3 miles. Runners may opt to add a 1.8-mile extension. No monitoring, no chips, no grandstands, no fundraising. It is simply a healthy way to spend an evening in a downtown area that has become increasingly vibrant in recent years

    What are the rules?

    There aren’t many. Check in. Walk. Run. Skip now and then. Talk or don’t talk. Take selfies (but not while crossing the street). Leash your pet and clean up after it. Laugh. Sing. Wear a silly hat or don’t.

    When, where and how? I want the details!

    When:...MORE every Monday, check-in/registration between 5:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. That’s every Monday, rain or shine, 52 times per year. You can (and you should) go every single week.

    Where: registration and check in takes place at The Park at 3 South Second Street in Downtown Phoenix.

    How: you can see a route description and route map on the next two pages. You can also view them online. Paper route maps will be available for pickup at check-in.

    How much?

    There is no charge. Just walk. Or run. Or a combination of the two. You might decide to take advantage of deals offered at some of the businesses along the route. Naturally, they hope you do.

    What else?

    Of course, everyone walks or runs at their own risk. You should be healthy enough to participate, and no one else will be responsible for injuries, thefts, lost dogs or bad selfies. In the summer it gets hot, and in the winter it gets dark. Prepare appropriately. Seriously, you are responsible for your own actions.

    What happens on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays?

    So, you say you can’t make it on Monday, or you are only in town for a short visit that doesn’t include a Monday? While there is no planned or sponsored event on other days of the week, you can certainly use the Meet Me Downtown route for any day, at any time that you’d like to get some exercise and enjoy the Downtown Phoenix vibe.

    5 Things to Know Before You Go

    1. Time your check-in for how long it will take you to walk or run that would allow you to get back by 6:45 p.m. for closing ceremonies, and any raffles, prizes and awards. Registering online in advance is great because then you just need to do a very quick check-in on a tablet when you show up each week. You’ll also get weekly updates. And there are attendance awards!
    2. There are no minimum or maximum requirements. Refer to “What are the rules?” above. No one (except maybe your dog) will judge you if you don’t finish the walk. If you don’t want to start at The Park, don’t. If you don’t want to follow the course map, don’t.
    3. Let’s talk parking. Typically Monday nights are quiet in Downtown Phoenix, so if there are no events at Chase Field, Talking Stick Resort Arena, Comerica Theatre or any of the other entertainment venues, you might be able to find street parking a few blocks away. For example, north of Washington on both the east and west sides of Central Avenue (Monroe, for example). This gets tricky, because if you go early in hopes of finding a free street spot you’ll be there when it is still rush hour and people are leaving work in downtown. If you park in the Collier Center garage, have your ticket validated at The Park, for up to 2 1/2 hours of free parking. Your best bet is to park somewhere uptown Phoenix or in Tempe and take Light Rail downtownLight Rail costs $4 round trip, but many residents have long term passes or, free passes making this option even more affordable. If the cost of parking is an issue, you’ll just have to do the math. One thing is for certain, though. Parking meters are not an option if you’ll be downtown for more than two hours. Parking meters in Phoenix require payment until 10 p.m. Most take credit cards, some still take coins. I keep a roll of quarters in my glove compartment!

      If you are staying at one of the Downtown Phoenix hotels near the Phoenix Convention Center, you can ignore everything I just wrote. You can walk to the check-in area!
    4. The closest Valley Metro Rail station to CityScape is Central/Washington or 1st Avenue/Jefferson (it is a split station).
    5. After you’ve walked and/or run, and you want a bite to eat or a beverage, there are about 20 eateries right at CityScape that can help you with that.

    -   -   -   -   -   -

    About the event: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is founding sponsor, partnering with the city’s FitPHX program. Operating partners are Downtown Phoenix, Inc.; Sole Sports Running Zone; The Park and Meet Me Concepts.

    All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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    Meet Me Downtown Phoenix - Route Directions

    On the previous page I provided all the information you could ever need to participate in Meet Me Downtown, a casual and social 3.3 walk or run, with an optional additional 1.8 miles for runners. Here are the directions for the walk, in text form, provided courtesy of City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

    Official Route for 3.3 Mile Walk / Run for Meet Me Downtown

    1. Start and check in at The Park, 3 S. 2nd Street in Downtown Phoenix.
    2. Head right on E. Washington to 7th Street
    3. Left on 7th St.
    4. Go 200 ft and right into Heritage & Science Park cut-through
    5. Left on main park walkway
    6. Left on E. Monroe
    7. Right on 5th St., cross Van Buren
    8. Left into Arizona Center
    9. Out of Arizona Center, Left onto E. Taylor St. (ASU)
    10. Right on 1st St.
    11. All the way up 1st St. to Margaret T. Hance Park
    12. Left into Margaret T. Hance Park
    13. Continue under Central Ave. bridge
    14. Loop Left around Margaret T. Hance Park Sidewalk*
    15. Connect back with Central Ave. and turn right (south)
    16. Cross Portland St.
    17. Continue South and bear right onto...MORE 1st Ave.
    18. After crossing Fillmore, left into Civic Space Park
    19. Go through Civic Space Park
    20. Right on Central Ave.
    21. Follow Central south, and turn left at Washington, back to The Park.

    * The optional 1.8 mile extension would be inserted here.

    1.8 Mile Optional Extension

    A. Continue under tunnel at 3rd Ave.
    B. Bear left onto Culver toward 5th Ave.
    C. Right on 5th Ave.
    D. Right on W. Encanto Blvd.
    E. Right on 3rd Ave.
    F. Back into Margaret T. Hance Park
    G. Continue to #16 above

    Physical handouts of the route directions will be available at check-in.

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    Meet Me Downtown Phoenix - Route Map

    ••• Meet Me Downtown Phoenix Route Map. Courtesy City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department

    This route map, provided courtesy of City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, will help you navigate Downtown Phoenix during Meet Me Downtown. It's a casual and noncompetitive walk / run that serves several purposes. It helps people get to know Downtown Phoenix, provides a social experience for Monday evenings, and it's healthy!

    To see the image of the map above larger, simply temporarily increase the font size on your screen. If you are using a PC, the keystroke to use is the Ctrl + (the Ctrl key and the plus sign). If you are using a MAC, use the Command+ keys.