Meersburg, Germany Travel Planning Guide

Visit one of Lake Constance's most Charming Villages

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Old Castle, Meersburg. Markus Lange/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images

Meersburg, the "Burg on the lake" is located directly across from the town of Constance (Konstanz) on the shores of Lake Constance . It is a popular summer travel destination for both Germans and foreign tourists. Meersburg has a fine and meticulously kept medieval center surrounded by vineyards and makes a good hub for exploring destinations around the lake.

How to Arrive in Meersburg

Meersburg is connected by car ferry from the larger city of Constance. You can arrive at Meersburg by car via the E54 from Überlingen or Friedrichshafen, other towns on Lake Constance (See the Lake Constance Map). Meersburg is about a three-hour drive from Munich.

Friedrichshafen airport is 20km (12 miles) to the east of Meersburg. The closest international airport is Zurich Airport.

The nearest rail station is in Überlingen, 14km (9 miles) to the northwest of Meersburg on the Basel to Lindau line.

What to See and Where to Stay in Meersburg

Meersburg is comprised of two distinct areas, the lower town ("Unterstadt") and uptown ("Oberstadt"). You can walk between them via stairs or a steep street. The tourist office is located on Kirchstrasse 4 in the upper town.

Meersburg Tourism offers many ways to tour the city, from thematic tours to general city tours.

Meersburg Attractions

The New Palace--Neues Schloss, the elegant palace that once served as the residential palace of the prince-bishops of Constance faces the Schlossplatz forming the southern boundary of the square. Construction began in 1712 and finished in 1740. You can take a tour into the living quarters and also see the painting gallery and the Dornier Museum focusing on the history of aviation (the Lake Constance area was a hotbed of Zeppelin development as you'll see later).

The Old Palace--a privately owned medieval castle you can visit that lacks the elegance of the New Palace. The Altes Schloss was a successful defender of Meersburg and the narrative of the self-guided tour is all about knights and weapons of war.

The Bible Gallery includes exhibits not only of bibles but of the Guttenburg press that first made printed copies.

Other museums include the Zeppelin Museum, Meersburg Tapestry Art Museum Droste Museum, the Town Museum, and a Viticulture Museum (wine is a very important part of the culture of Meersburg, try the local "Weissherbst" wine, which grows on the northern slopes of Lake Constance.

Of course, there are many well-kept half-timbered houses and interesting town gates to keep your camera busy for a while.

Where to Stay

Meersburg and the loop of interesting cities around the lake make it easy to think of a longer stay for this leg of your European vacation, perhaps in a cottage or, for a large family or gathering of friends, a larger villa. HomeAway lists 47 vacation rentals around Meersburg.

One of the top-rated hotels in Meersburg, although a bit pricey, is the Romantik Hotel Residenz am See.

The bargain choice for where to stay near Meersburg is Hotel-Gasthof Storchen with spa and restaurant. It's near the lake north of Meersbug in Uhldingen-Muehlhofen near the station.

Meersburg Impressions

If you're not into shopping for tourist trinkets or fake medieval swords and don't like museums or pretty German medieval villages, Meersburg will probably not be a good place for you to visit. This is the reason for giving the destination only 3.5 out of 5 stars. 5 Stars for medieval eye candy and museums though.

There are plenty of restaurants and hotels in Meersburg, as it is a prime tourist destination on the lake.

Near Meersburg

The entire area of Lake Constance is a good place for a longer vacation. Meersburg is worth a day or two and can be done as an easy day trip from Constance, a larger town, also in Germany.

To the northwest is the pile-dwelling museum in Unteruhldingen, Germany, a good stop for those interested in archaeology and ancient cultures.