Planning a Sailing Holiday in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations in the world for sailing, and whether you are someone who is just starting out or you have sailed regularly over the years, there are some great spots to drop anchor around the coast here. Sailing used to be seen as an activity that was just for the very wealthy, but over the last two decades, there have been many more operators offering sailing holidays, with very affordable options being put on the market. If you are thinking of heading out to sea for a sailing holiday, here are a few things to consider when you are planning your sailing trip to the Mediterranean.

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    Where to Sail

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    One of the most popular destinations in Europe for sailing is the Greek Islands, and here you will find hundreds of little islands and coves, along with plenty of towns where you can stop to enjoy the culture and the heritage. Italy's Amalfi Coast is another popular place to go sailing, with stunning towns and spectacular scenery to enjoy during your trip. If you are looking for somewhere a little more off the beaten track, the Turkish Riviera is another exciting place to sail, while the seas around Mallorca have great scuba diving and lovely places to stop, but have slightly more challenging sailing conditions.

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    Chartering Your Yacht

    This is a great option for those with plenty of sailing experience and allows you a wonderful amount of freedom to sail for as much or as little as you want each day. This is a popular option and there are several companies that will allow independent charters as long as you can show your experience of sailing.

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    Should You Join a Flotilla or Sail by Yourselves?

    One popular way of sailing in the Mediterranean is to join one of the groups of yachts, known as flotillas, that will sail along a particular stretch of coastline or along a particular route in the Mediterranean. There is of course a certain amount of freedom in terms of where you go and how quickly you sail, but there will be fixed meeting places along the route where there is a great amount of socializing to enjoy too, with parties and meals to share with others on the same trip. This is a great option if you enjoy meeting new people as you travel.

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    Sailing Your Own Yacht or Chartering With a Skipper?

    Another of the aspects to consider if you are experienced sailors is whether or not to hire a skipper to accompany you as you explore the wonderful seas of the Mediterranean. The skipper will usually have a good knowledge of the area where you will be sailing and may be able to suggest some of the most attractive places to see, and great places to stop that may be bypassed by most sailing charters. The additional experience and local knowledge of a skipper can be very valuable, but it will usually depend on how you enjoy your sailing as to whether you will want a skipper to join you on your trip.

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    What to Expect From the Sailing Holiday

    Sailing in the Mediterranean is a wonderful experience, and for much of the year, the conditions are great for sailing, particularly in the peak season in August when the weather is usually at its best and the seas are generally calmest. However, there will be a trade-off if you are traveling on a budget, and June and September can offer lower prices, but you may not get quite as much good weather. It is also worth noting that there are some exposed areas of the ocean in the Mediterranean, and when the weather turns, those seas can be a little more challenging.

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    Sailing Holidays For Those New to Sailing

    If you haven't been sailing before, you shouldn't try to charter your own yacht, but rather there are plenty of holidays that will give you an introduction to sailing and allow you to hone your skills. There are plenty of sailing schools around the Mediterranean, and whether you are looking to learn how to deal with challenging seas, or want full courses with qualifications at the end of your trip, there are plenty of options available. Look for those that offer internationally recognized qualifications, that you will then be able to use when you are taking your next sailing holiday.

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