Mayan Mocha Coffee Recipe

A Coffee Recipe From One of Louisville's Best Coffee Shops

Heine Brothers Coffee in Louisville, KY.

Mali Anderson

Need a fantastic coffee recipe? Here is a satisfying drink from one of Louisville's best coffee shops

Below you will find the ingredients and directions for a Mayan Mocha. Thank you to Heine's for supplying the recipe!

Fair-Trade Mayan Mocha

The recipe below makes one small drink, about 12 oz. 


  • 1 smidgen of Fair Trade Cayenne Pepper powder
  • 2 pinches of Fair Trade Cinnamon powder
  • 2 teaspoons of Fair Trade Cocoa powder
  • 2 teaspoons of Fair Trade Raw Sugar
  • 2 shots of Heine Brothers' Fair Trade Espresso
  • Steamed milk


Mix the first five ingredients together with a small whisk. 

  • Mix all of the ingredients together with a small whisk. Top with steamed milk. Fill your cup to desired level and stir. 

So, if you can't make it to the cafe, you can still enjoy a mocha tailored for your tastebuds. It is worth the effort to make this scrumptious drink, either as a morning coffee fix or as an afternoon pick-me-up. It's a coffee recipe for lovers of lattes, mochas and miels (my personal favorite, a latte with cinnamon and honey added).

Here is the back story: At Heine Brothers they are big proponents of fair-trade. In fact, all of their coffee is fair-trade and organic. Keeping this in mind, they create coffee and tea concoctions that carry that philosophy through all of the ingredients. Heine's co-founded Cooperative Coffees in 2000 with several other coffee roasters as a way to buy coffee directly from coffee farmers at fair-trade prices. The initiative is strong and growing with two dozen coffee roasters and members of Cooperative Coffees in the United States and within Canada.

What Is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a movement seeking to develop a fair basis for business with developing countries. The goal is to approach development with transparency and respect in order to create a more equal playing field within the international trading system.

Businesses and individuals involved in the movement also promote higher sustainability. Often the movement focuses on commodities grown or made in developed countries and consumed by developed countries. For example, products such as coffee, cocoa, cotton, fruit, and gold. The idea, of course, is to make these industries more fair for everyone involved, from both a business perspective and an environmental standpoint. 

Sweet Treats

Ok, now that you have your coffee, you may want a sweet treat to pair it with. Donuts? Cakes? Pies? Don't worry there are so many options throughout Louisville.

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