Weather in May in Spain

Rain or shine in Spain this May?

Port d'Andratx Mallorca
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May sees temperatures rise by a fair bit in Spain, while the amount of rain drops a little. But don't think summer is in full swing yet! Read about the weather in May in Spain in popular regions of Spain.

Remember that we're talking averages here. Weather is unpredictable, so don't take this page as gospel.

    Weather in Madrid in May

    May often starts off a bit wet and temperamental, but it usually ends up feeling quite summery.

    It still tends to rain a fair bit, but between the rain storms, you might see the odd bit of sunshine!

    Early May in Madrid tends to see temperatures heading well into the twenties (73°F to 75°F). The big surprise will come at night, where it can drop a colossal 20 degrees (35°F) in a day. Bring a jacket for the evenings. It has been dry in recent years, but rain is possible.

    By mid-May, temperatures can get incredibly high, reaching 84°F in 2012. But the 2013 temperatures show that anything is possible! Evenings can still be cold.

    Late-May in Madrid is typically very warm. At night temperatures drop considerably.

    • May 5 Averages High: 23°C. Low: 10°C.
    • May 5 Records High: 27°C. Low: 2°C.
    • May 15 Averages High: 26°C. Low:  12°C.
    • May 15 Records High: 30°C. Low: 5°C.
    • May 25 Averages High: 28°C. Low: 13°C.
    • May 25 Records  High: 32°C. Low: 4°C.

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    Weather in Barcelona in May

    Barcelona doesn't quite see Madrid's upturn in temperatures, but it is definitely heading towards summer in Catalonia too.

    It is drier than in Madrid too, so this is a good place to head if you don't like the rain.

    May in Barcelona is usually dry, though I've been there in May and seen torrential rain. Temperatures are warm but not excessively hot, making this an excellent time to visit Catalonia.

    By early May, Barcelona weather has made it well into the twenties, with temperatures consistently between 20°C and 23°C (68°F to 73°F).

    Night time temperatures drop considerably, so bring a jacket for the evening.

    Temperatures start to climb by the end of the month - you could say that summer is arriving! Evenings usually quite warm but still pack something warmer. However, I've found it to be quite chilly at night at the Primavera Sound festival at the end of May, which takes place next to the sea.

    • May 5 Averages High: 21°C. Low: 14°C.
    • May 5 Records High: 25°C. Low: 8°C.
    • May 15 Averages High: 22°C. Low:  15°C.
    • May 15 Records High: 23°C. Low: 11°C.
    • May 25 Averages High: 23°C. Low: 16°C.
    • May 25 Records  High: 25°C. Low: 10°C.

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    Weather in Andalusia in May

    With the spring showers behind us, Andalusia can proudly claim that summer has arrived. The rain has subsided too, leaving it generally idyllic in May - warm, dry and sunny!

    The average maximum temperature in Malaga in May is 73°F/23°C and the average minimum temperature is 55°F/13°C.

    Weather in Northern Spain in May

    Those in the north will look to their southern neighbors with a little envy - the weather is still wet and mild for the Basques for most of May. April and May are Bilbao's wettest months. Still, they're better off than those in the north-west.

    The average maximum temperature in Bilbao in May is 66°F/19°C and the average minimum temperature is 52°F/11°C.

    Weather in North-West Spain in May

    The Galicians and Asturians will be wondering what those in Bilbao are complaining about. Galicia is still suffering from wet and not-so-warm weather. Don't forget your umbrella!

    The average maximum temperature in Santiago de Compostela in May is 63°F/17°C and the average minimum temperature is 54°F/12°C.