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MOVE Mobil Closet Suitcase
Photo © 2011 Kayte Deioma, used with permission

Despite a few shortcomings, the Max Mirani MOVE is a handy little bag to have around. It functions as a portable closet, just as intended, making it unnecessary to unpack when you're on a quick trip, and keeping all your things organized and easily accessible. It's also just plain cute as far as luggage goes. If I had one in my regular luggage arsenal, I'm sure it would quickly become my go-to bag for weekend getaways.


  • Helps keep luggage organized - No need to unpack on the road.
  • Carry-on size 21W x 14.5H x 9.5D"
  • Flexible polycarbonate shell protection
  • Multi-directional wheels to roll upright
  • 2 Bags in one


  • Pull handle feels flimsy
  • Surface marks easily
  • Doesn't stack well
  • If you only pack what's marked on the sections, you'll forget PJs
  • The toiletries compartment should zip out.

The folks at Max Mirani sent over their MOVE mobile closet suitcase for me to check out, so I took it out for a test drive on a recent overnighter to Temecula. The MOVE is a hard-shell rolling suitcase with an organizing insert that keeps all your items organized and allows you to hang the case from a door or closet in the open position without everything falling out, making it unnecessary to unpack, thus the "mobile closet" moniker. The entire insert zips out to become a separate tote if you've gone shopping and need more packing space for the return trip.<br/>
At first glance, I didn't think I'd be able to fit everything I needed for a weekend into the MOVE, and once I had it semi loaded, it was so heavy that there wasn't anywhere in my apartment that I felt comfortable hanging it without risking damage. But when I really packed for the trip, I found that I could squeeze in more than I thought, and the hotel closet had no problem supporting the case in hanging mode.

Inside the Max Mirani MOVE, the insert consists of a variety of slots fastened with Velcro that become shelves when suspended, zipper compartments, and pockets, each marked with an icon for the suggested contents of that section. The shoe/laundry compartment in the middle of the case (bottom when closed), is the only one that zips out individually.

Unfortunately, the toiletries compartment on the bottom does not zip out and its long tube shape is not conducive to fitting a Dopp kit or toiletry case inside. If it zipped out, you could use the whole section as a Dopp kit, but it doesn't. It's a minor design flaw that you could get around by using the shoe section for toiletries and the toiletry section for shoes since they're about the same size.

I have a pre-packed toiletry case that goes in whatever suitcase I'm taking, so I just left the section empty, which gave me room to set my separate case, which is pretty hefty, on top of the insert and still squeeze the suitcase shut. I also managed to fit in a jacket or my 14 inch laptop, but not both at the same time. The shell is actually flexible and closes with a two-headed zipper that snaps to the bottom of the case at each end rather than latches. It tolerated my forcing it closed over too much stuff quite well. (click "more images" under the top photo to see what fit.)

The entire insert zips out to become a separate tote bag with handy shoulder straps, but the hanging hook is on the outer shell, so you would have to find something to drape the handle over if you wanted to hang the tote without the hard shell. You can pack a suit or dress on a hanger behind or in front of the insert.

Unlike most carry-on suitcases, the MOVE is wider than it is tall. Its multi-directional wheels are good for rolling it upright, but I found that the design made it seem unusually heavy when trying to pull it behind me. It's too wide to pull through an airplane aisle, but since it rolls upright, that's not a problem. The single column handle, which feels flimsy due to its many segments, and the curved top made it a challenge trying to piggyback the inside tote (or any other flat-bottomed bag) on top of the hard-shell case, especially if trying to pull it.<br/>
The MOVE arrived with a canvas cover over the shiny red polycarbonate shell, but still showed the cardboard pattern from the box scratched on the shell. I don't know if that was from previous journeys in a box without the cover, or marked through the canvas, but if it gets that marked in shipping, I imagine airline use would have it looking battered pretty fast, especially if you have to check it.

The price is a little steep for a weekend bag, but it's really two, and the lifetime warranty that comes with the MOVE would make me more confident about owning this mobile closet system. If the handle did snap at the joint when you hit a rough patch, you would get a replacement.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided (on loan) by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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