Marriott Rewards Program

Pros, Cons, and How to Sign Up

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Marriott Rewards offers the business traveler over 4,200 lodging properties in which to gain status and more than 250 ways to redeem earned points. Because of its diversity and ease of use, the Marriott Rewards loyalty program is a must for the serious business traveler. The Marriott Rewards program is great in terms of flexibility and redemption options.

In addition, Marriott Rewards Member rates provide Marriott Rewards members with the lowest available rates. Marriott Rewards Member rates can be booked on the Marriott website.


  • Rewards, loyalty, and travel incentive program.
  • Earn points on your business travel towards elite status and rewards.
  • Redeem for travel and leisure rewards, or shop at Marriott's ultimate online mall.

Pros of Marriott Rewards Loyalty Program

  • More than 4,200 participating hotel properties worldwide
  • Several participating Airline partners
  • Wide assortment of awards available
  • Points can be transferred to other Marriott Rewards members
  • E-rewards certificate sent directly to the hotel (no need to print out!)

Cons of Marriott Rewards Loyalty Program

  • Points need to be used or added to every two years in order to stay active


  • Rewards, loyalty, and travel incentive program.
  • Earn points on your business travel towards elite status and rewards.
  • Redeem for travel and leisure rewards, or shop at Marriott's ultimate online mall.

Signing Up for Marriott Rewards

Signing up for Marriott Rewards is easy: simply go to the website and create a user name and password. Marriott will send you a welcome email that explains the program in detail. (Of course, once you sign up, you'll also start receiving all types of other marketing materials!)

Earning Points for Marriott Rewards

From hotel stays to the Marriott Signature Visa Card, there are a myriad of ways to earn points that drive you toward elite status. And with more than 4,200 thousand hotels and several airline and other partner programs, earning points is fast and easy.

As with other rewards programs, there is no set dollar-to-point ratio, as factors such as your status and how you pay for hotel stays will impact the number of points you earn. Compared to other hotel rewards programs, earned points have better-than-average value.

Redeeming Marriott Rewards Points

With over 250 ways to redeem points around the globe, cashing in at Marriott Rewards is fun and easy. From the redemption page, you will find several categories from which to choose. Treat yourself with anything from a dream vacation to a big screen TV from the main categories of Travel & Leisure, Hotel Rewards, and Shop With Your Points.

Organize the shopping center to search by points value or category. The DreamRewards Tracker allows you to create a wish list of big-ticket items to work towards. Your points balance is always displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the redemption page.

For free hotel stays, redeem points at any participating hotel (including Ritz-Carlton properties), subject to availability. Once you book your hotel online, opt for the free, paperless confirmation (which will send an email directly to the hotel). Paper confirmations take up to four weeks and you'll have to pay a small fee.

Chances are, you'll stay at a Marriott property for work sometime this year - it would be a waste not to sign up for the free Marriott Rewards program. The Marriott Rewards program is a nice way to take advantage of all those business stays.

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