How to Find Public Libraries in the Indianapolis Area

Indianapolis Public Library Services, 23 Locations and Phone Numbers

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The Indianapolis Public Library (IPL) system was previously known as the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library (IMCPL).

Today, the IPL system, also called Indy Public Library or Indy Library, serves more than 4 million visitors a year. It consists of the large Central Library in downtown Indianapolis, 23 smaller branch libraries throughout Marion County, bookmobile services and the Library Services Center, which houses administrative support for the countywide library system. 

Need to find a library near you? Here are the locations, phone numbers, and services offered by the Central Library and its 23 branches. 

Important: Some IPL locations may be subject to change. According to the system's strategic plan, which defines the library's role and scope of services for the years 2015–2020, IPL overall goals include "realignment of some branch locations to maximize access." So unless you are headed for Central Library, confirm the address of your local branch before you leave.


All locations are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Central Library

Address: One Library Square, 40 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis, 46240
Phone: 317-275-4100

The beautiful, expanded Central Library facility opened in December 2007 and boasts 293,000 square feet, plus a parking garage. The original neoclassical Cret Building was constructed in 1917 and figures on the National Register of Historic Places. This imposing structure was renovated, and a new, six-story Tower Building was added. Joining the two buildings is a sweeping 7,000-square-foot atrium, which includes a café, an exhibition area and more. The historic renovation and addition were designed by Indianapolis architects Woollen, Molzan, and Partners.

The Central Library holds about one-third of the system’s entire collection. Noteworthy features include the Nina Mason Pulliam Indianapolis Special Collections Room, the Learning Curve area for kids and teens, and the Baby Zone for infants and toddlers and their parents.

Services unique to the Central Library include a World Language Lab, onsite printing or downloading of microfilm to USB drives and a Computer Training Lab.

Branch Basics

All branch locations offer public computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office, printing and copier services, free tax forms and free Wi-Fi. All Indy Public Library materials can be returned at any location, and credit cards are accepted for payment of fees at all locations. All locations, except the Flanner House branch, have meeting rooms available for public use.

Hours: For the latest hours, please call the branch you intend to visit or consult the IPL website.

Internet access setups for laptops ("hot seats") are available at the College Avenue, East 38th Street, Franklin Road, Glendale, Haughville, Irvington, Pike and Wayne branches.

An Assistive Technology Lab for patrons with disabilities is available at the Glendale Branch.

Notary services are available at Spades Park.

Branch Addresses and Phone Numbers

  1. Beech Grove Branch Library
    Address: 1102 Main St., Beech Grove, Indiana 46107
    Phone: 317-275-4560
  2. Brightwood Branch Library
    Address: 2435 N. Sherman Dr., Indianapolis 46218
    Phone: 317-275-4310
  3. College Avenue Branch Library
    Address: 4180 N. College Ave., Indianapolis 46205
    Phone: 317-275-4320
  4. Decatur Branch Library
    Address: 5301 Kentucky Ave., Indianapolis 46221
    Phone: 317-275-4330
  5. Eagle Branch Library
    Address: 3325 Lowry Rd., Indianapolis 46222
    Phone: 317-275-4340
  6. East 38th Street Branch Library
    Address: 5420 E. 38th St., Indianapolis 46218
    Phone: 317-275-4350
  7. East Washington Branch Library
    Address: 2822 E. Washington St., Indianapolis 46201
    Phone: 317-275-4360
  8. Flanner House Branch Library
    Address: 2424 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., Indianapolis 46208
    Phone: 317-275-4370
  9. Fountain Square Branch Library
    Address: 1066 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis 46203
    Phone: 317-275-4390
  10. Franklin Road Branch Library
    Address: 5550 S. Franklin Rd., Indianapolis 46239
    Phone: 317-275-4380
  11. Glendale Branch Library
    Address: Glendale Mall, upper level, south end; 6101 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis 46220
    Phone: 317-275-4410
  12. Haughville Branch Library
    Address: 2121 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis 46208
    Phone: 317-275-4430
  13. InfoZone Branch Library
    Address: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, 3000 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 46208
    Phone: 317-275-4430
  14. Irvington Branch Library
    Address: 5625 E. Washington St., Indianapolis 46219
    Phone: 317-275-4450
  15. Lawrence Branch Library
    Address: 7898 N. Hague Rd., Indianapolis 46256
    Phone: 317-275-4460
  16. Nora Branch Library
    Address: 8625 Guilford Ave., Indianapolis 46240
    Phone: 317-275-4470
  17. Pike Branch Library
    Address: 6525 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, 46268
    Phone: 317-275-4480
  18. Shelby Branch Library
    Address: 2502 Shelby St., Indianapolis 46203
    Phone: 317-275-4490
  19. Southport Branch Library
    Address: 2630 E. Stop 11 Rd., Indianapolis 46227
    Phone: 317-275-4510
  20. Spades Park Branch Library
    Address: 1801 Nowland Ave., Indianapolis 46201
    Phone: 317-275-4520
  21. Warren Branch Library
    Address: 9701 E. 21st St., Indianapolis 46231
    Phone: 317-275-4550
  22. Wayne Branch Library
    Address: 198 S. Girls School Rd., Indianapolis 46231
    Phone: 317-275-4530
  23. West Indianapolis Branch Library
    Address: 1216 S. Kappes St., Indianapolis 46221
    Phone: 317-275-4540

Library Services Center

Address: 2450 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 46208 
Phone: 317-275-4840

The Library Services Center is the hub for all administrative and support services, including outreach services, technical services, information technology, shipping and receiving, supplies, community relations, volunteer services, the Library Foundation and Indy Reads. Indy Library Store, also located at the center, hosts several book sales a year, with all proceeds going to the Library Foundation. No materials are available for checkout at this location. For hours, call or check the website.

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