Marilyn Campbell

Marilyn Campbell is a freelance and creative writer who has lived in the GTA her whole life and in Toronto for the last fifteen years. She can ride the TTC with her eyes closed, but still manages to get lost in Toronto's underground PATH.


Growing up in nearby Mississauga, Marilyn first came to know Toronto as a frequent visitor. After moving into the city to attend York University she served as Orientation Chair for her college and was responsible for introducing new students not only to the campus but to Toronto as a whole. She has since lived all over the city, working as a training assistant, a tour guide, and in various roles within the performing arts.


Marilyn has an Honors degree in Fine Arts Cultural Studies from York University. She also went to law school for three months, but she'd rather not talk about that.

Marilyn Campbell

The thing I love most about Toronto is the constant discovery. Whether it's stumbling across a park tucked at the end of a dead-end street or having a wonderful meal on a friend's recommendation, there's always somewhere new to visit and something new to try. It's a thrill seeing international art in your neighborhood or learning about a local idea having an impact around the world. My goal on these pages is to share my discoveries about Toronto, with the hope you'll be so kind as to show me yours.

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