9 Marijuana Classes in Denver

Let Marijuana be Your Muse in these Cooking, Painting, Yoga and Business Classes

Legal and recreational marijuana is giving a whole new meaning to Denver's nickname "The Mile High City." 

Perhaps you're making a pot pilgrimage to Colorado to imbibe. Or, you're a local, curious about this newfound legal marijuana landscape. Either way, you can do more than just duck into a dispensary or sample strains of marijuana. 

Cannabis-themed classes are popping up, and there's a little something for everyone. For the uninitiated, you can start at square one and learn how to smoke. For the business-savvy, there's a class that will teach you how to make money in the marijuana industry. And, forget the marijuana brownies -- cannabis cooking classes will teach you how to bake some gourmet pumpkin muffins.

Here's nine Denver classes that blend cannabis with art, food, yoga, business and more.




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    Paint a Masterpiece

    Marijuana painting class
    ••• Try a marijuana-and-paint class at Denver's Puff, Pass & Paint. (Photo courtesy of Puff, Pass & Paint)

    Need a little nudge to get in touch with your creative side? Let marijuana be your muse at a painting class.

    Consider a marijuana painting class, modeled after the popular “paint and sip” classes with wine, beer and cocktails.

    For $49, you can spend two hours with Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes at Puff, Pass & Paint. Each class is open to just 20 students, which makes for an intimate atmosphere as you follow along with her step-by-step instructions to create a “mind-altered masterpiece.”

    Puff, Pass & Paint holds public classes regularly or you can set up your own private group session. 

    Puff, Pass & Paint

    Cost: $49.00

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    Learn to Smoke Marijuana

    First things first: Visiting Colorado now that recreational marijuana is legal (if you’re 21 or older, that is) can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never smoked weed before.

    Luckily, the folks at High Country Cannabis Tours want to help you out. They offer “A Beginner's Guide to Smoking Weed” to teach newbies -- and people who have had a bad experience with weed in the past -- the proper way smoke. Their tagline: Learn how to smoke weed like an experienced stoner.

    The one-hour course walks participants through the legal aspects of possessing and consuming cannabis in Colorado, what to expect on your first visit to a dispensary, marijuana etiquette and the different types of cannabis and their impacts on your mood.

    A Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Weed

    Cost: $99


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    Take a Yoga Class

    Twisted Sister Yoga in Denver is a cannabis-friendly yoga studio that offers an array of classes for every level of yogi. Though they don’t allow cannabis consumption on site, the classes are sponsored by the dispensary DANK and you can toke up safely beforehand.

    Regular classes include candlelight yoga, “Easy Like Sunday Morning” yoga and other relaxing sessions.

    Twisted Sister also organizes cannabis-infused yoga retreats. The three-day retreats include twice-daily yoga classes and cannabis-infused meals, as well as a trip to a dispensary.

    Twisted Sister Yoga classes and retreats

    Cost: Classes are donation based, $350 to $480 for retreats

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    Learn to Cook with Cannabis

     Got the munchies? Learn to cook some gourmet cannabis dishes and desserts from the pros.

    My 420 Tours offers cannabis cooking classes on select Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays during the late morning and early afternoon. For $99, you get a 2 ½ hour class taught by professional chef Travis French at Stir Cooking School in Denver’s up-and-coming Highlands neighborhood. You’ll learn how to make five dishes, such as cannabis-infused trail mix, jalapeno poppers, pumpkin muffins with cannabis-infused cream cheese and shrimp scampi.

    My 420 Tours cannabis cooking class

    Cost: $99

    Colorado Cannabis Tours also offers a cannabis cooking class. This one is held every Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. for $84, or you can schedule a private class anytime for $149 per person. The 2 ½ hour class teaches students how to make cannabis-infused butter, aka “budder,” hard candy, ice cream and savory foods. The classes are led by infused-products chef Kandice Moss, better known by her nickname “Cannabis Kandice.”

    Colorado...MORE Cannabis Tours cooking class

    Cost: $84 per person for a public class or $149 per person for a private class

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    Make Your Own Custom Pipe

    Learn a new craft by making marijuana-related equipment in “Pipemaking 101,” a class all about making glass pipes for smoking the ganja.

    Over three days at Golden’s Glasscraft, glassblower Chris Schutz will teach you torch safety, the properties of glass and how to make your own fully functional pipe. This class will cost you $400, which includes materials, tools and torches.

    If you don’t have three days, Schutz also teaches a four-hour class called “Flameworking 101” for $199. In this class, offered through Colorado Cannabis Tours, you can make your own glass sculpture, like a pipe.

    Glasscraft glass-making classes

    Cost: $400 for Pipemaking 101, $199 for Flameworking 101

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    Learn to Grow Marijuana

     You don’t need an inherently green thumb to grow marijuana. Several groups around the Denver metro area offer classes to teach you the techniques of growing marijuana like an expert-level gardener. 

    The Grow School in Denver has “Grow 101” for beginning cannabis gardeners. This six-hour class, held most Saturday afternoons, will teach you how to set up your indoor grow room, how to ventilate the space and mitigate odor, how to mix soil properly, how often to water and fertilize the plants and how to control for weeds.

    The Grow School’s Grow 101

    Cost: $99

    Another class, “Cannabis Cultivation 101” at Denver’s Clover Leaf University, teaches participants how to grow cannabis from seed to harvest. The four-hour course goes over how far apart to space your plants, how much light the plants need, harvesting methods, as well as drying and curing techniques.

    Clover Leaf University also offers more advanced horticulture classes, such as cannabis genetics, master cultivation techniques, pesticide...MORE application training and more.

    Clover Leaf University’s Cannabis Cultivation 101

    Cost: $199

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    Make Beauty Products

    High Country Cannabis Tours will teach you how to make your own cannabis-infused salve for dry skin and lips, which are common beauty problems in Colorado's climate.

    The class’s salve, made of beeswax, is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Though you won’t feel any psychoactive effects from these beauty products, the topical ointment has the potential to soothe your eczema or psoriasis.

    You’ll learn how to extract cannabinoids from marijuana and you’ll leave with samples of your own product.

    High Country Cannabis Tour’s Infused Salve Cannabis Class

    Cost: $149


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    Learn How to Make Some Green in the Marijuana Business

     Learn the ins and outs of running a marijuana-related business with the Cannabis Career Institute, which offers classes around the country, including in Denver. These one-day seminars teach “ganjapreneurs” about management, cultivation, cannabis laws, marketing and advertising. You’ll hear advice from a top cannabis lawyer, a master grower and other experts on how to open a dispensary, a delivery service, a grow operation or an edibles business.

    Cannabis Career Institute workshop

    Cost: $299

    Denver Consulting Group hosts a class called “Marijuana Industry Training: Cultivating, Processing and Dispensing Cannabis in Colorado.” The six-hour training session runs through information marijuana-related business owners need to be successful in Colorado.

    Denver Consulting Group’s Marijuana Industry Training

    Cost: $149

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    Take a Tincture Class

    Denver's marijuana industry got its start with medicinal marijuana. You can take a hands-on tincture class and learn how to make your own herbal remedies to address everything from anxiety to insomnia. High Country Cannabis Tours offers the classes.

    High Country Cannabis Tours 

    Cost: $149 per person